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Merry Linux to You!

Get ready to start caroling around the office with these Linux-centric lyrics to popular Christmas carols. Running Merrily on Open Source To the tune of: Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire Running merrily on open source With users happy as can be We're using Linux and getting lots done And happy...
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'Open Source' Is Not 'Free Software'

Conflating 'open source' and 'free software' undermines free software. In the open source universe, using terms such as FLOSS (Free/Libre and Open Source Software) is common and represents a casual conflation of the terms open source and free software, which are often used interchangeably. I would...
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Which Countries Have Open-Source Laws on the Books?

...It’s become increasingly common over the past decade or so to see laws being passed to either mandate the use of open-source software or, at the very least, encourage people in government who make procurement decisions to do so. Here’s a map of the status of open-source laws around the world,...
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FSFE Summit
The FSFE Summit in September will focus on ways to encourage further adoption of Free Software in homes, companies, and public institutions.

First FSFE Summit Will Focus on Social Issues and Strategies

Free Software advocates from all over Europe will be meeting in Berlin Sept. 2-4 at the first ever Free Software Foundation Europe's summit. This 2016 event, besides being long overdue, also marks 15 years since the creation of the FSFE. Throughout its history, the FSFE has had its fair share of...
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Open source tools
Here are some of the best free resources when you're launching an open source project.

Free Tools for Driving an Open Source Project to Success

Increasingly, as open source technology becomes more pervasive, tech and DevOps workers are choosing to or being asked to build out and oversee their own open source projects. From Google, to Netflix to Facebook, companies are also releasing their open source creations to the community. Have you...
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