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Feren OS
Jack Wallen says Feren OS has achieved something special: They’ve created a Linux distribution that anyone could use, for nearly any purpose, with zero learning curve.

Feren OS Could Be the Best-Looking Desktop on the Market

Imagine taking Linux Mint, placing the Cinnamon desktop on it and then theming it to not only to serve as a perfect drop-in replacement for Windows 7 but to be one of the most beautiful Linux desktops you’ve seen in a long while. That’s what Feren OS has managed --  and has done so with aplomb....
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Mechanical Keyboards for Programmers and Gamers

Input Club's mechanical keyboards aren't just about producing exceptional products. They're also proof that open source can solve any problem. Open source software already powers most of the world, partially because it is free and mostly because it is so accessible. Under an open source system, the...
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