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Understanding GCC Warnings

Most of us appreciate when our compiler lets us know we made a mistake. Finding coding errors early lets us correct them before they embarrass us in a code review or, worse, turn into bugs that impact our customers. Besides the compulsory errors, many projects enable additional diagnostics by using...
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The GNU Compiler Collection (GCC ) offers a robust and reliable suite of compilers that has been in use and under constant development for more than 30 years.

GCC: Optimizing Linux, the Internet, and Everything

Software is useless if computers can't run it. Even the most talented developer is at the mercy of the compiler when it comes to run-time performance - if you don’t have a reliable compiler toolchain you can’t build anything serious. The GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) provides a robust, mature and...
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Uncommon but Useful GCC Command-Line Options

Software tools usually offer multiple features, but - as most of you will agree - not all their features are used by everyone. Generally speaking, there's nothing wrong in that, as each user has their own requirement and they use the tools within that sphere only. However, it's always good to keep...
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