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The Best Linux Apps for Chrome OS

Slowly but surely, Google is bringing support for Linux applications to Chrome OS. Even though the feature is primarily aimed at developers, like those who want to get Android Studio running on a Pixelbook, there are plenty of apps that can benefit normal users. We already have a guide about ...
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Five of the Best Productivity Tools for Linux

Operating systems exist so that you can communicate with computer hardware to get things done. On top of the operating system are live applications that make the process of getting things done efficient. That’s where productivity tools come in. What are productivity tools? Naturally, the definition...
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Advanced XML-based typesetting and printing

Author: Advanced XML-based typesetting and printing Last time we introduced you to the simple tools you can use to do typesetting with the Document Style Semantics and Specification Language (DSSSL. In this concluding look at the topic, we'll look at some more advanced techniques, and at how to...
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