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Nithya Ruff's Appointment to Linux Foundation Aids Diversity Efforts

It's been a couple of weeks since the nonprofit Linux Foundation announced the addition of Nithya Ruff, along with Erica Brescia and Jeff Garzik, to its board. Ruff comes to the table with a long list of accomplishments. For the past two years she's been at Western Digital, where she's currently...
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This month, the Obama administration delivered on its promises and launched www.code.gov, which hosts open source software being used and developed by the US federal government.

US Government Opens Access to Federal Source Code with Code.gov

In March of this year, the Obama administration created a draft for Federal Source Code policy to support improved access to custom software code. After soliciting comments from public,  the administration announced the Federal Source Code policy in August. One of the core features of the policy...
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China Adopts Cybersecurity Law in Face of Overseas Opposition

China adopted a controversial cyber security law on Monday to counter what Beijing says are growing threats such as hacking and terrorism, but the law triggered concerns among foreign business and rights groups. The legislation, passed by China's largely rubber-stamp parliament and set to take...
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Federal Open-Source Policy Isn't Open Enough, Says Tech Group

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has praised new federal guidelines aimed at improving the sharing of federally developed software code but complained that the government's 20 percent release goal does not go far enough. The policy, announced by U.S. CIO Tony Scott on Aug. 8, seeks to makes...
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White House
The White House has released a Federal Source Code Policy, which aims to help government agencies increase efficiency with the code they write. They intend to bring the benefits of OSS to the government.

This Week in Open Source News: The White House Releases Code Policy, Linux Security Threats Pose Wide Risk, & More

1) The White House released federal source code policy, requiring agencies to release 20% of new code they commission as open source.  Open Source Won. So, Now What?- WIRED 2) A flaw in the Transmission Control Protocol poses a threat to Internet users, whether they use Linux directly or not. Use...
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The White House Releases Policy to Help Government Agencies Go Open Source

The White House (led by United States Chief Information Officer Tony Scott) has been pretty vocal about using technology to improve how government operates. They want to make sure code helps, not hurts, government agencies, and that the U.S. government can use technology just as effectively as a...
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Tech Coalitions Pen Open Letter to Burr and Feinstein Over Bill Banning Encryption

A group of tech coalitions has written an open letter to Senators Richard Burr (R-N.C.) and Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), concerning their bill requiring all encryption to be breakable on command, which achieved infamy in record time following the leak of a draft earlier this month. The highly...
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