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Containers, the GPL, and Copyleft: No Reason for Concern

Though open source is thoroughly mainstream, new software technologies and old technologies that get newly popularized sometimes inspire hand-wringing about open source licenses. Most often the concern is about the GNU General Public License (GPL), and specifically the scope of its copyleft...
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An Economically Efficient Model for Open Source Software License Compliance

"The Compliance Industrial Complex" is a term that evokes dystopian imagery of organizations engaging in elaborate and highly expensive processes to comply with open source license terms. As life often imitates art, many organizations engage in this practice, sadly robbing them of the many benefits...
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Artifex v. Hancom: Open Source is Now an Enforceable Contract

By Jeff Luszcz, Vice President of Product Management at Flexera Software The U.S. District Court recently ruled in favor of Artifex – developer of Ghostscript which is an open-source PDF interpreter and against Hancom Office – a South Korean developer of  ”office” apps.  The Northern District of...
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Important Open Source Ruling Confirms Enforceability of Dual-Licensing and Breach of GPL for Failing to Distribute Source Code

A recent federal district court decision denied a motion to dismiss a complaint brought by Artifex Software Inc. (“Artifex”) for breach of contract and copyright infringement claims against Defendant Hancom, Inc. based on breach of an open source software license. The software, referred to as...
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Open Source Groups Provide New Licensing Resources

Newcomers to free and open source software (FOSS) might be bewildered by the variety of licenses that dictate how users can use community offerings. For example, the Open Source Initiative lists nine "popular licenses" and Wikipedia lists dozens more coming in a variety of flavors for different...
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Interpreting, Enforcing and Changing the GNU GPL, As Applied to Combining Linux and ZFS

An FSF statement by Richard Stallman, published on April 11, 2016. Preamble This article explains some issues about the meaning and enforcement of the GNU General Public License. The specific occasion for this article is the violation of combining Linux with ZFS, and that concerns specifically GNU...
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