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A Flurry of Open Source Graphics Milestones

Written by Daniel Stone, Graphics Lead at Collabora. The past few months have been busy ones on the open-source graphics front, bringing with them Wayland 1.13, Weston 2.0, Mesa 17.0, and Linux 4.10. These releases have been quite interesting in and of themselves, but the biggest news must be that...
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A Tale of Cylinders and Shadows

Taking a closer look as to why GTK+ experienced significant speed issues when used with Wayland and HiDPI screens. --- Written by Gustavo Noronha, Web Domain Lead at Collabora. Like I wrote before, we at Collabora have been working on improving WebKitGTK+ performance for customer projects, such as...
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Mesa 12.0 Release Candidate 2 Hits The Web

Ahead of the official Mesa 12.0 debut later this month, Mesa release manager Emil Velikov of Collabora has announced 12.0 Release Candidate 2... Read more at Phoronix
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Mesa 11.2.0 3D Graphics Library Officially Released, Here's What's New

After being delayed a few weeks, the final release of the open-source Mesa 3D Graphics Library 11.2 arrived earlier today, April 4, 2016, for all GNU/Linux operating systems. Collabora's Emil Velikov was the one to give us the big news, and it looks like the changes are huge, including EGL, GLSL,...
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