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GStreamer CI Support for Embedded Devices

Embedded devices are a popular deployment target for GStreamer yet they are not tested on the project's Continuous Integration (CI) system. Here's a look at work done to introduce a Raspberry Pi for automated on-board testing using Jenkins, LAVA, and more. By Omar Akkila, Software Engineer at...
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SRT in GStreamer

SRT, the open source video transport protocol that enables the delivery of high-quality and secure, low latency video, has been integrated into GStreamer. By Olivier Crête, Multimedia Lead at Collabora. Transmitting low delay, high quality video over the Internet is hard. The trade-off is normally...
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ipcpipeline: Splitting a GStreamer Pipeline into Multiple Processes

By George Kiagiadakis, Senior Software Engineer at Collabora. Earlier this year I worked on a certain GStreamer plugin that is called “ipcpipeline”. This plugin provides elements that make it possible to interconnect GStreamer pipelines that run in different processes.  In this blog post I am going...
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Receiving an AES67 Stream with GStreamer

GStreamer is great for all kinds of multimedia applications, but did you know it could also be used to create studio grade professional audio applications? Written by Olivier Crete, Multimedia Lead at Collabora. GStreamer is great for all kinds of multimedia applications, but did you know it could...
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GStreamer 1.12: Intel Media SDK Support and More

With GStreamer 1.12's first release candidate out for testing and the final release expected soon, here's a brief preview of some of the (many) new features, bugfixes and improvements that will be arriving with this release. Of course, keep an eye out for the official release notes as they'll...
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Collabora's Devs Add Acoustic Echo Cancellation, Enhanced AC-3 to GStreamer 1.10

(As originally published on Softpedia, November 3, 2016) Today, November 3, 2016, Collabora informs us about the contributions done by its multimedia team on the release of the powerful, free, open-source and cross-platform GStreamer 1.10 multimedia framework. We reported the other day the release...
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