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Orange Pi 3 SBC Arrives with Allwinner H6 and Mini-PCIe

An open-spec, Allwinner H6 based “Orange Pi 3” SBC has gone on sale for $30 to $40, with the latter giving you 2GB of RAM and 8GB eMMC. Other highlights: GbE, HDMI 2.0, 4x USB 3.0, WiFi-ac, and mini-PCIe.The long-awaited Orange Pi 3 — the highest end of three Allwinner H6 based Orange Pi SBCs — has...
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Dell Opens Up About Its Linux Efforts And Project Sputnik

Dell's Barton George has been on a crusade to change how Linux is perceived by both consumers and developers. Six years ago Dell granted George and his team a $40K innovation fund and some freedom to launch a Linux-powered laptop aimed at developers, that would be developed in the open with...
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Entroware Launches Ubuntu Linux All-In-One PC With 6-Core Intel CPU

Entroware, a UK-based PC manufacturer specializing in custom Linux systems, just rolled out their new Ares PC. It's a stylish-looking AIO that ships with Ubuntu or Ubuntu MATE and should be a great fit for classrooms, home office and business use. I have a review system on the way, but until it...
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MIPS Joins RISC-V as Second Open Source Alternative to Arm

The open source silicon space has suddenly become more crowded. Shortly before Christmas, Silicon Valley AI startup Wave Computing, which is developing hardware for running deep learning applications in data centers and offices, announced plans to open source its MIPS instruction set architecture,...
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Troubleshooting Hardware Problems in Linux

It can take some time to troubleshoot and solve hardware-related issues on Linux. Even highly experienced sysadmins sometimes spend hours working to solve mysterious hardware and software discrepancies. The following tips should make it quicker and easier to troubleshoot hardware in Linux. Many...
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Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+
The very capable Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ was the winner of our June 2018 SBC reader survey.

Linux Hacker Board Trends in 2018 and Beyond

When I read Brian Benchoff’s recent claim in Hackaday that the maker board market was stalling, I had a sense that there might be some truth to it. The novelty of community-backed, open-spec SBCs has worn off, and there were few new boards in 2018 that seem destined to become Raspberry Pi killers....
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Jack Wallen got a tour of the new System76 headquarters to check out the new Thelio desktop, which is designed to optimize air flow through the chassis.

Meet the New Linux Desktop Champion: System76 Thelio

The American dream has driven millions upon millions of people to come to a country filled with possibility and opportunity. Sometimes, you get caught up in the gears of enterprise and learn that the machinations of big business tend to run counter to that dream. But, sometimes, you start a company...
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Grant Likely
Linux kernel engineer Grant Likely explained the basics of Embedded Base Boot Requirements (EBBR) at the recent Embedded Linux Conference in Edinburgh.

EBBR Aims to Standardize Embedded Boot Process

Arm’s open source EBBR (Embedded Base Boot Requirements) specification is heading for its v1.0 release in December. Within a year or two, the loosely defined EBBR standard should make it easier for Linux distros to support standardized bootup on major embedded hardware platforms. At the recent...
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Dell XPS 13: The Best Linux Laptop of 2018

There's this persistent fake news story that you can't buy a computer with Linux pre-installed on it. It's nonsense. Dell has been selling Ubuntu-Linux powered computers since 2007. What's also true is that, Dell, like Linux-specific desktop companies such as System76, sells high-end systems like...
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New Raspberry Pi A+ Board Shrinks RPi 3B+ Features to HAT Dimensions

A HAT-sized, $25, Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+ will soon arrive with the same 1.4GHz quad-A53 SoC, dual-band WiFi, and 40-pin GPIO of the RPi 3B+, but with only 512MB RAM, one USB, and no LAN.As promised, Raspberry Pi Trading has revived its old mini-size, four-year old Raspberry Pi Model A+ SBC with a...
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