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Q&A: Hortonworks CTO Unfolds the Big Data Road Map

Hortonworks' Scott Gnau talks about Apache Spark vs. Hadoop and data in motion. Hortonworks has built its business on big data and Hadoop, but the Hortonworks Data Platform provides analytics and features support for a range of technologies beyond Hadoop, including MapReduce, Pig, Hive, and Spark....
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Hadoop extensions
Big Data titan Hadoop is inspiring its own ecosystem of powerful extensions and front ends; here are some examples.

Front Ends and Extensions Take Hadoop in New Directions

Across the history of data analytics, marquee-level applications have always given rise to useful front ends and connectors that extend what the original applications were capable of. For example, the dominance of the spreadsheet gave rise to macros, plugins, and extensions. Likewise, the rise of...
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fast track
Open source skills are in high demand. Get on the fast track to new skills with these training opportunities.

Looking for a New DevOps Gig? Take the Fast Track with These Training Opportunities

Open source knowledge is very valuable in today’s job market. The 2016 Open Source Jobs Report from The Linux Foundation clearly showed that hiring managers are placing much value on open source cloud, networking, and security skills. It also showed that DevOps is emerging as a red hot job category...
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