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open networking
Building an open ecosystem and accelerating operational transformation is key to the open networking industry, says Huawei's Bill Ren.

ONAP Set to Speed Standards, Network Automation

This article was sponsored by Huawei and written by Linux.com. The 2018 Open Networking Summit (ONS) is almost here. We spoke to Bill Ren, Vice President Network Industry & Ecosystem Development at Huawei recently to glean some insights on ONAP since Huawei is a founding member and top...
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all cloud network
Huawei's Bill Ren discusses the role of openness in what Huawei calls the “All-Cloud Network.”

Huawei: Openness Key to Building an All-Cloud Network

This article is paid for by Huawei, a Platinum-level sponsor of Open Networking Summit, to be held April 3-6, and was written by Linux.com. While the networking community is getting ready for Open Networking Summit 2017, we spoke to Bill Ren, Vice President of Huawei Network, Industry &...
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OpenSDS Keynote
Cameron Bahar, SVP and Global CTO of Huawei Storage, and Steven Tan, Chief Architect at Huawei, launch the project proposal for a new open source initiative called OpenSDS during their LinuxCon Europe keynote.

OpenSDS for Industry-Wide Software Defined Storage Collaboration

Software defined storage (SDS) brings cloud benefits to storage, but the challenge is that it must be highly reliable - you can’t lose a single byte of data. Storage can be difficult to manage in the cloud where there are many frameworks and technologies working together in virtualized /...
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Huawei Launches a Kubernetes-based Container Engine

Joining an increasing number of companies, Asian telecommunications giant Huawei Technologies has released its own container orchestration engine, the Cloud Container Engine (CCE). Ying Xiong, Huawei’s chief architect of cloud computing, announced CCE version 1.0 at LinuxCon North America, being...
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Huawei Announces Collaboration with Red Hat to Offer Carrier-grade SDN Solutions

Huawei announces completion of SDN Agile Controller certification with Red Hat OpenStack Platform 7 at Huawei’s Beijing SDN Open Lab. This marks the first time Huawei’s SDN controller has been certified for interoperability with a mainstream cloud platform. It is an important step for Huawei’s SDN...
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