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Most of the industry’s players are optimistic about the prospects for public and private blockchains, but it’s clear that the technology will take a little time to evolve.

The Next Generation of Open Source Blockchains

Never before has any open source project generated as much attention on the international stage as Bitcoin. But Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency platform void of allegiance to any nation or financial institution, is just the first of an expanding and more sophisticated class of open source blockchains...
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Linux PS3 settlement
Sony to pay millions in ongoing legal dispute over dropping Linux support on PS3.

This Week in Open Source News: Sony Settles PS3 Debacle, New Hyperledger Members, & More

1) After six years, Sony has agreed to pay for its 2010 firmware update, which removed support for the Linux operating system in the PlayStation 3. Sony Agrees to Pay Millions to Gamers to Settle PS3 Linux Debacle- Ars Technica 2) Belink, BitSE, INVeSHARE, MonetaGo, Moscow Exchange, Norbloc, &...
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Red Hat's Mark Turansky presented on persistent storage for containers with Kubernetes and OpenShift at LinuxCon 2015.
Red Hat engineer Mark Turansky presented on persistent storage for containers with Kubernetes and OpenShift at LinuxCon 2015.

Linus Torvalds, Google Compute Engine Architect Joe Beda, ASF Founder Brian Behlendorf to Speak at LinuxCon 2016

You can celebrate the 25th anniversary of Linux with Linus Torvalds and other open source innovators and leaders at LinuxCon North America and ContainerCon this year. Torvalds, Linux and Git creator and Linux Foundation fellow, will keynote at the event, to be held in Toronto, Canada Aug. 22-24. He...
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Hyperledger Works on Its Open-Source Footing

Taking a bootstrapped initiative to a healthy open-source project is difficult. But when there’s only approximately 100 developers in the world that have a deep understanding of the technology, such as blockchain, the difficulty increases dramatically. Open-source veteran Brian Behlendorf was aware...
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This Week in Linux News: Hyperledger Project Could Help Solve Counterfeit Drug Problem, Linux Goals Have Changed, & More

This Week in Linux News: Hyperledger Project could help solve counterfeit drug problem, Linux goals have changed, and more. Get the latest on open source with the weekly news digest. 1) Management consulting services company, Accenture, proposed a blockchain-supported solution to the counterfeit...
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