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Here's Where Big Banks Stand on Blockchain

In case you haven’t heard, blockchain is all the rage lately on Wall Street, whereas bitcoin, the digital currency that blockchain came along with in 2009, is suddenly very uncool. Blockchain, by the way, is the decentralized, peer-to-peer, open-source, distributed ledger technology that underlies...
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Internet Heavyweight Joins Open-Source Blockchain Consortium

The Hyperledger Project, the developer of blockchain software that’s backed by IBM, Wells Fargo & Co. and other titans of technology and finance, has a new leader. The group has hired Brian Behlendorf, 43, as executive director, according to a statement Thursday. He was a key developer of ...
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This Week in Linux News: Hyperledger Project Set to Bolster Blockchain, AGL Membership Grows, & More

1) The Hyperledger Project will be the "open source programming project even bigger than bitcoin" to bolster a flexible blockchain system. maxresdefault.jpg The Linux Foundation's Jim Zemlin speaks to the importance of sharing the development of the blockchain; The Hyperledger Project...
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