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Xen Project Release Strengthens Security and Pushes New Use Cases

Xen Project technology supports more than 10 million users and is a staple in some of the largest clouds in production today, including Amazon Web Service, Tencent, and Alibaba’s Aliyun. Recently, the project announced the arrival of Xen Project Hypervisor 4.7. This new release focuses on improving...
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Xen 4.7 Open Source Linux Hypervisor Arrives with Non-Disruptive, Live Patching

Xen 4.7 arrives eight months after the release of the previous version, Xen 4.6, and it appears to be yet another major release, not that we expected less from the leading open-source virtualization system, which is currently being used in many of the world's best and renowned cloud hosting...
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How The Xen Project Streamlined Code Review By Analyzing Mailing List Data

The Xen Project’s code contributions have grown more than 10 percent each year. Although growth is extremely healthy to the project as a whole, it has its growing pains. For the Xen Project, it led to issues with its code review process: maintainers believed that their review workload increased and...
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Will Containers Replace Hypervisors? Almost Certainly!

After OpenStack, the number one topic that I get asked about these days is containers and their prospects for the enterprise and cloud-native applications. The prospect of containers replacing hypervisors such as VMware ESX or Linux KVM (the default for most OpenStack deployments) is of keen...
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