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Why Infrakit & LinuxKit Are Better Together for Building Immutable Infrastructure?

Let us accept the fact – “Managing Docker on different Infrastructure is still difficult and not portable”. While working on Docker for Mac, AWS, GCP & Azure, Docker Team realized the need for a standard way to create and manage infrastructure state that was portable across any type of...
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InfraKit Hello World

Docker just shipped InfraKit a few days ago at LinuxCon and, while at the Docker Distributed Systems Summit, I wanted to see if I could get a hello world example up and running. The documentation is lacking at the moment, epecially around how to tie the different components like instances and...
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Introducing InfraKit, An Open Source Toolkit For Creating And Managing Declarative, Self-Healing Infrastructure

Docker’s mission is to build tools of mass innovation, starting with a programmable layer for the Internet that enables developers and IT operations teams to build and run distributed applications. As part of this mission, we have always endeavored to contribute software plumbing toolkits back to...
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