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From PSKs to Blockchain: Ideas for Solving the IoT Security Dilemma

Security and data privacy spending for the Internet of Things (IoT) will increase this year to $348 million, according to Gartner. Why and how are companies upping their IoT security investments? Here’s a look. As industry interest in IoT grows, there’s no question that security has now become a...
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HPE’s IoT Platform Supports oneM2M, LoRa, SigFox

HPE looks to make it easier for enterprises and service providers to connect and manage Internet of Things (IoT) devices with the debut of its IoT Platform 1.2. The platform is aligned with the oneM2M ETSI industry standard and will also support long-range, low-power networks such as LoRa and...
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Mike Richmond speaking at OpenIoT Summit.

OCF Director Discusses Interoperability Between IoT Frameworks [Video]

In his keynote address at the Embedded Linux Conference’s OpenIoT Summit, Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) Executive Director Mike Richmond discussed the potential for interoperability -- and a possible merger -- between the two major open source IoT frameworks: the OCF’s IoTivity and the AllSeen...
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10 DIY Development Boards for IoT Prototyping

Makers and hackers getting started with connected devices and the Internet of Things(IoT) have many choices of development boards. In the last 18 months, the DIY market exploded with the availability of a variety of boards. Developers will have to choose from microcontroller-based boards, System on...
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Open Wireless Standards Could Save Smart Cities 30% on Tech Costs

"Open standards can [ensure] money is invested more efficiently and dramatically accelerate IoT adoption and growth," said Jeremy Green, Machina analyst and author of the report. Machina provides market research and strategic guidance on M2M and IoT. Reliance on open standards should seem obvious,...
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Netbeast: A Cross-Platform Tool for the Internet of Things

When smart devices are closed, they're not smart at all. Netbeast is an open source platform for developing Internet of Things (IoT) applications for appliances and other devices. It's an environment-agnostic platform that allows users to ignore details like wireless protocols, brand-specific...
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Preparing Your Network for the IoT Revolution

We seem to be hearing about Internet of Things (IOT) and the security challenges related to it everywhere these days… While there is no denying that IP-based connectivity continues to become more and more pervasive, this is not a fundamentally new thing. What is new is the target audience is...
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Samsung Unveils New Artik Module Tools for IoT Developers

A new Artik IDE development environment and the Artik Cloud give developers new capabilities with Artik modules.  Samsung has given Internet of things developers several new tools to create and grow their ideas for new devices and concepts, including the Samsung Artik IDE (integrated development...
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OpenStack Foundation Calls for Greater Enterprise Input in Open Source Initiatives

The OpenStack Foundation is calling on enterprises to step up their involvement with the open source community to ensure its work keeps pace with the rate of innovation occurring in the Internet of things (IoT) and big data era. Speaking at the OpenStack Summit in Austin, Texas, Mark Collier, the...
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50 Embedded Linux Conference Presentation Slide Decks on Tap

The Linux Foundation has posted slide presentations from this week’s Embedded Linux Conference, which featured the first ever ELC keynote by Linus Torvalds. In case you missed this week’s North American Embedded Linux Conference and OpenIoT Summit in San Diego, you’ll be happy to know that videos...
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