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Thiago Macieira
Thiago Macieira from the Intel Open Source Technology Center provided a brief introduction to IPv6 and a comparison to IPv4 at LinuxCon Europe.

IPv6 for Server Admins and Client Developers

IPv6 has been around for a long time. The first IPv6 RFC was released more than 20 years ago, and we began exhausting the IPv4 address space in 2011. Thiago Macieira from the Intel Open Source Technology Center began his talk at LinuxCon Europe by saying that he didn’t think he would still need to...
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IPv6 Transition: A Quick Guide

Despite the much-anticipated depletion of public IPv4 addresses, adoption of network address translation (NAT) has led most enterprises to continue using IPv4 both internally and at the internet edge. But as companies refresh their networks and IoT begins to pick up steam, many network...
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How to Use IPv6 on Apache?

Nowadays IPv6 is getting more and more common to be used on web servers. It’s better to implement IPv6 on servers in order to be accessible on IPv6 networks.  Here it is a really quick instruction how to get ready for IPv6 on your Apache web servers. I have installed a fresh CentOS and a fresh...
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