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"Blockchain’s potential to help the disenfranchised" excites Hyperledger's Brian Behlendorf and could help refugees identify themselves.

This Week in Open Source News: Blockchain Tech Can Help Ease the Refugee Experience, Nasdaq to Provide OSS Platform, & More

This week in open source and Linux news, The executive director of The Hyperledger Project explains how blockchain can help refugees identify themselves, Nasdaq group to provide OSS platform to investors, and more! Read on to get caught up on the most important recent news! 1) Brian Behlendorf of...
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Node.js v6 Transitions to LTS

The Node.js project has three major updates this month: Node.js v7 will become a current release line. Node.js v6, code named “Boron,” transitions to LTS. Node.js v0.10 will reach “End of Life” at the end of the month. There will be no further releases of this line, including security or stability...
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JavaScript Grows Up and Gets Its Own Foundation

Currently, the JavaScript sector offers a mind-bogglingly diverse menu of open source options for building, testing and deploying applications. Maybe too diverse. With this in mind, The Linux Foundation has launched the JavaScript Foundation, an entity “committed to creating a center of gravity...
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The Most Important Coding Languages for IoT Developers

We have seen a changing of the guard in the past few years as software takes center stage and once-beloved hardware simply becomes a canvas for developers. The ability to code is an important skill for the production of any modern technology, especially a product that falls within the internet of...
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Node.js framework
Node.js is actually JavaScript on steroids and has been expanded and enhanced to make building frameworks for complex, interactive websites easy.

How to Get Started Writing Web Applications with Node.js

Let's define Node.js in simple terms: Node.js allows you to run JavaScript on your server without a web browser. That's it. Put like that, it sounds pretty dry, doesn't it? There's more to it, of course. Node.js is actually JavaScript on steroids and has been expanded and enhanced to make building...
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With ChakraCore on Linux, Microsoft Doesn't Discriminate

At Node Summit this week, Microsoft announced the availability of ChakraCore for Linux. ChakraCore is the core part of the Chakra JavaScript engine that powers Microsoft Edge and Universal Windows Platform.  With this move, Microsoft is putting one of its core technologies on a competing platform....
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NodeSource offers ‘One-Click’ Deployment of Node.JS for Kubernetes Clusters

NodeSource has configured a version of its N|Solid commercial Node.js implementation to run on Kubernetes clusters, potentially speeding both the deployments of containerized Node.js applications and N|Solid deployments themselves. “We are seeing a ton of traction behind containers being...
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The New Node.js Loads Modules Four Times Faster

Node.js, the server-side JavaScript runtime engine, has just gotten a lot faster. The Node.js Foundation has released version 6 of Node.js today, bringing with it security updates, performance improvements, and increased stability. The most significant boon to developers with this update is to...
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The “big three” resources developers and tech leaders use to learn new technology:  Docs, Online tutorials and Forums .

Node.js 2016 Survey: Trends in IoT, Containers, Enterprise Tools, and More

The Node.js Foundation recently conducted an expansive user survey to better understand Node.js users (you, or maybe you :). We were interested in getting a better sense of the type of development work you use Node.js for, what other technologies you use with Node.js, how the Node.js Foundation can...
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Node.js Foundation Survey Shows Strong Enterprise Developer Adoption

A new Node.js Foundation survey shows full stack demand for Node.js, along with developers using it with containers and for IoT development. The Node.js Foundation, a consortium of organizations fostering the development of the Node.js platform, today announced the results of its first Node.js User...
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