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The 2017 Open Source Jobs Report finds that half of hiring managers are more likely to hire a certified professional, while 47 percent of companies are willing to help pay for certification.

Demand for Certified SysAdmins and Developers Is On the Rise

Even with a shortage of IT workers, some employers are still discerning in their hiring requirements and are either seeking certified candidates or offering to pay for their employees to become certified. The Linux Foundation’s 2017 Open Source Jobs Report finds that half of hiring managers are...
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Chasing Grace: A New Documentary Series about Women in Tech

After hearing several women in tech, smart women with bright futures, talk about leaving their jobs, Jennifer Cloer, Founder/Lead Consultant, reTHINKitPR, decided to launch the “Chasing Grace Project,” a six-episode documentary series about women in tech. The trailer debuted at the recent Linux...
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Open Source Jobs Report
This year’s Open Source Jobs Survey and Report from Dice and The Linux Foundation shows an incredibly high demand for cloud expertise.

Why Cloud Expertise Is Paramount in Today’s Tech Market

By George McFerran, EVP Product & Marketing, Dice Today’s tech market is chock full of both talent and demand, a seemingly perfect combination. However, sealing the deal on a new gig is a little trickier as employers increasingly seek cloud expertise from their existing and new employees. This...
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OS Jobs Report
According to the 2017 Open Source Jobs Report, 60 percent of companies surveyed are looking for full-time open source hires, compared with 53 percent last year.

Demand for Open Source Skills on the Rise

Interest in hiring open source workers is on the rise, with 60 percent of companies surveyed looking for full-time hires, compared with 53 percent last year, according to the 2017 Open Source Jobs Report. jobsreport_infographic_2017_v3.png The Linux Foundation Hiring managers...
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What Motivates Today's Developers?

A whopping 48 percent of developers say they're most productive between 8 a.m. and noon, with 21 percent listing noon until 4 p.m. as their best hours. As for all-nighters: only 5 percent indicate 8 p.m. to midnight as a high production time, with only a few more, 8 percent, saying they're at their...
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How to Get an Open-Source Job

As Dice, the leading technology job site, and The Linux Foundation recently found in their latest Open Source Jobs Survey and Report, there's an abundance of open-source jobs. Here's how you land one of them for yourself. First, simply having mad open-source developer skills or kick-ass Linux...
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Jump-Start Your Career with Open Source Skills

Although attending college is not required for success in software development, college programs can provide a great deal of useful information in a relatively short period of time. More importantly, they are designed to cover all necessary concepts without the knowledge holes some self-taught...
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Future Proof Your SysAdmin Career: Free Ebook

Broaden your sysadmin skills and stay competitive in a rapidly changing technology market. Today’s SysAdmins need command of an ever-expanding array of skills. This e-book covers the skills that hiring managers see as crucial and lays out some of the best options for free and low-cost training....
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OS Jobs
Hunting for a new job in open source? The newly-released Open Source Jobs Report from The Linux Foundation & Dice should give you confidence.

This Week in Open Source News: The Linux Foundation's 2017 Open Source Jobs Report Released & More

The Linux Foundation has released their anticipated annual report for job seekers and hiring managers containing key info on in-demand skills and outlook. More top stories and open source opinion articles in this week's digest 1) The Linux Foundation's 2017 Jobs Report (#OSSJobs) has been released...
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2017 Jobs Report Highlights Demand for Open Source Skills

Dice® and The Linux Foundation have once again partnered to produce the annual Open Source Jobs Report, focusing on all aspects of open source software. The 2017 Open Source Jobs Survey and Report provides an overview of the trends for open source careers, motivation for professionals in the...
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