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Trending Developer Skills, Based on My Analysis of “Ask HN: Who’s Hiring?”

A few years ago, I became curious about identifying emerging technologies and predicting them. So I created Hacker News Hiring Trends, or HN Hiring Trends for short. Hacker News is one of the most popular discussion boards for programmers. It is also one of the best places to discover new...
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PayScale's Highest Paying Cloud Computing Jobs In 2017

Enterprise IT Architects with cloud computing expertise are earning a median salary of $137,957. Senior Solution Architects with cloud computing expertise are earning a median salary of $132,327. AT&T pays a median salary of $248,323 for experienced cloud computing professionals according to...
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Cloud, networking, and security were some of the important open source skills cited in the 2016 Open Source Jobs Report. Complete this year's survey and get a chance to win an Amazon gift card!

Take the Open Source Jobs Survey from Dice and The Linux Foundation

Do you use or contribute to open source technologies? Or, are you responsible for hiring open source professionals? If so, please take a minute to complete a short open source jobs survey from Dice and The Linux Foundation and make your voice heard. During the past decade, open source development...
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2017 Ops Salary Survey

The operations (Ops) required to keep an organization’s increasingly important technical infrastructure up and running is a key part of any company. The roles and duties performed by those working in the Ops space vary widely by company, industry, geography, and infrastructure type. This report...
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10 Critical Skills That Every DevOps Engineer Needs for Success

Enterprises including Adobe, Amazon, and Target are increasingly turning to DevOps as a way to deliver software and security updates more rapidly, both internally and to customers. And the spread of the workflow means there are more DevOps engineer positions available than ever. DevOps engineer...
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Inclusion Done Right: Hiring

This is Part Three of a three-part series on Inclusion Done Right. Part One talked about the experience of employees, from engineers to CEOs, of working at a company where inclusion is part of the culture. Part Two discussed the specific actions the companies take to create a feeling of inclusion....
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Stricter Immigration Policies Crimp U.S. Open Source Development

What do Linus Torvalds, Dirk Hohndel, Michael Widenius, Solomon Hykes, Nithya Ruff, Sam Ramji, Lennart Poettering, Boris Renski, Madhura Maskasky, Theodore Ts’o, Wim Coekaerts, and Mark Shuttleworth all have in common? Each of them has founded or led major open source projects. Also, each of them...
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The Linux Foundation's Clyde Seepersad to Host Training Q&A on Twitter

On Friday, April 28, The Linux Foundation will continue its new series of Twitter chats with leaders at the organization. This monthly activity, entitled #AskLF, gives the open source community a chance to ask upper management at questions about The Linux Foundation’s strategies and offerings....
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Salaries for Storage, Networking Pros Continue to Rise

While 2016 saw U.S. tech salaries remain essentially flat year-over-year, key skills, especially in the areas of storage and networking, did warrant increases, according to the annual tech salary report from careers site Dice.com. Their recent survey polled 12,907 employed technology professionals...
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Canonical Reportedly Slashing Jobs, Seeking Outside Investment

Following news of Ubuntu abandoning Unity 8 there are now reports of headcount reductions happening at Canonical and Mark Shuttleworth eyeing possible outside investments into the company...   Read more at Phoronix.
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