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Open Collaboration
Jono Bacon previews the Open Collaboration Conference, coming up in Vancouver August 29-31 and then in Edinburgh from October 22-24, 2018.

Open Collaboration in Practice at Open Source Summit

A key goal in my career is growing the understanding and best practice of how communities, and open source communities in particular, can work well together. There is a lot of nuance to this work, and the best way to build a corpus of best practice is to bring people together to share ideas and...
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Clouds and Puppies at Open Source Summit: Day 3 in 5 Minutes

Yes, there were Puppies on Day 3 at the Open Source Summit, and they called it Puppy Pawlooza.  In this five-minute video summary, I’m joined by Jono Bacon, leading community strategist and curator of the Open Community Conference. View on YouTube The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF)...
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Jono Bacon
Jono Bacon provides tips for building and managing open source communities in a free webinar, Monday, July 24 at 9:30am Pacific.

Free Webinar: Join Jono Bacon for Open Source Community Tips and Tricks

Community manager and author Jono Bacon will provide tips for building and managing open source communities in a free webinar on Monday, July 24 at 9:30am Pacific. In this webinar, Bacon will answer questions about community strategy and share an in-depth look at this exciting new conference held...
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What Is IT Culture? Today's Leaders Need to Know

"Culture" is a pretty ambiguous word. Sure, reams of social science research explore exactly what exactly "culture" is, but to the average Joe and Josephine the word really means something different than it does to academics. In most scenarios, "culture" seems to map more closely to something like...
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How to Build Powerful and Productive Online Communities

We have all witnessed the significant shifts in technology in recent years. An application economy has formed, microservices and the cloud allow us to build large-scale systems, and virtual reality, augmented reality, health monitoring, and others are changing how we live, work, and play. At the...
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