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Confluent Brings SQL Querying to Kafka Streaming Data

With ever-increasing volumes of data comes an ever-increasing need to process that data. Confluent has made a business out of helping enterprises handle never ending streams of data with its commercial packaging of Apache Kafka. And now, at Kafka Summit in San Francisco this week, ...
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LinkedIn Announces Open Source Tool to Keep Kafka Clusters Running

Today at The Kafka Summit in San Francisco, LinkedIn announced a new load balancing tool called Cruise Control, which has been developed to help keep Kafka clusters up and running. The company developed Kafka, an open source message streaming tool to help make it easier to move massive amounts of...
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Kafka Architecture

First, if you are not sure what Kafka is, see this article. Kafka consists of records, topics, consumers, producers, brokers, logs, partitions, and clusters. Records can have keys (optional), values, and timestamps. Kafka records are immutable. A Kafka Topic is a stream of records ("/orders", "/...
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An Inside Look at Why Apache Kafka Adoption Is Exploding

Apache Kafka, the open source distributed streaming platform, is making an increasingly vocal claim for stream data "world domination" (to coin Linus Torvald's whimsical initial modest goals with Linux). Last summer I wrote about Kafka and the company behind its enterprise rise, Confluent. Kafka...
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