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In this tutorial, we show how to manually configure LAN routers.

Linux LAN Routing for Beginners: Part 2

Last week we reviewed IPv4 addressing and using the network admin's indispensible ipcalc tool: Now we're going to make some nice LAN routers. VirtualBox and KVM are wonderful for testing routing, and the examples in this article are all performed in KVM. If you prefer to use physical hardware, then...
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island network
Without routers and bridges, we would be lonely little islands; learn more in this networking tutorial.

Linux Networking Hardware for Beginners: Think Software

Last week, we learned about LAN (local area network) hardware. This week, we'll learn about connecting networks to each other, and some cool hacks for mobile broadband. Routers Network routers are everything in computer networking, because routers connect networks. Without routers we would be...
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Network hardware
This two-part tutorial looks at networking hardware, from traditional switches and routers to smartphones and wireless hotspots.

Linux Networking Hardware for Beginners: LAN Hardware

Software is always changing, but hardware not so much. This two-part tour introduces networking hardware, from traditional switches and routers to smartphones and wireless hotspots. Local Area Network The traditional local area network is connected with an Ethernet switch and Cat cables. The basic...
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The Birth and Rise of Ethernet: A History

Today, no company would consider using anything except Ethernet for its wired local-area network. But it wasn't always that way. Steven Vaughan-Nichols tracks the history of Ethernet, and its once-upon-a-time networking protocol competitors. Nowadays, we take Ethernet for granted. We plug a cable...
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IP addressing
Learn the basics of private and link local addressing in this tutorial from Carla Schroder.

Practical Networking for Linux Admins: IPv4 and IPv6 LAN Addressing

We're cruising now. We know important basics about TCP/IP and IPv6. Today we're learning about private and link-local addressing. Yes, I know, I promised routing. That comes next. Private Address Spaces IPv4 and IPv6 both have private address spaces. These are not meant to leave your private...
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