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Kickstart your career with training on the most in-demand open source platforms and tools.

5 Cloud, Big Data, and Networking Platforms to Kickstart Your Open Source Career

A decade ago, Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst predicted that open source tools and platforms would become pervasive in IT. Fast-forward to today, and that prediction has come true, with profound implications for the employment market. “Today, it is almost impossible to name a major player in IT that...
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Join us for a webinar session focused on tips to help you commit to, schedule, and pass your next certification exam.

June 9 Webinar on Getting Linux Certified - Tips, Tactics, and Practical Advice

More and more professionals are preparing for certification to fill in gaps in their Linux knowledge, build confidence, and prove to to their management team or hiring managers that their skills are sharp. According to the latest 2016 Open Source Jobs Report from The Linux Foundation and Dice, 76%...
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