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Moby Summit Los Angeles Recap

Two weeks ago, member of the Docker team and Open Source community were in Los Angeles for a Moby Project Summit alongside Open Source Summit North America (previously known as LinuxCon). This was the 3rd Moby Summit edition since Solomon Hykes introduced the Moby Project: a new open-source project...
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Moby Project and Open Source Summit North America

Docker will be at Open Source Summit from to highlight new development with the Moby Project and it’s various components: containerd, LinuxKit, InfraKit, Notary, etc. Come see us at Booth #510 to learn more about: The different uses cases for the Moby Projects and components The difference between...
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Moby Summit at OSS North America

In case you missed it, the next Moby Project Summit will take place on September 14, 2017 in Los Angeles, as part of the Open Source Summit North America. Following the success of the previous editions, we’ll keep the same format which consists of short technical talks / demos in the morning and...
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Running LinuxKit on AWS Platform Made Easy

Soon after DockerCon 2017, I wrote a blog post on how to get started with LinuxKit for Google Cloud Platform. Since then I have been closely keeping eye on the latest features, enablements & releases of LinuxKit. Under this blog post, I bring up a simplified approach to get LinuxKit OS instance...
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LinuxKit and Docker Security

LinuxKit, which Docker announced back in April, is one of the newest tools to enter the Docker universe. Here’s what you need to know about what LinuxKit does and what it means for security. LinuxKit: What and Why Let’s start with the what and why of LinuxKit. As you might expect, the LinuxKit...
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Why Infrakit & LinuxKit Are Better Together for Building Immutable Infrastructure?

Let us accept the fact – “Managing Docker on different Infrastructure is still difficult and not portable”. While working on Docker for Mac, AWS, GCP & Azure, Docker Team realized the need for a standard way to create and manage infrastructure state that was portable across any type of...
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Docker has announced a flexible, extensible operating system where system services run inside containers for portability.

Containers Running Containers with LinuxKit

Some genuinely exciting news piqued my interest at this year’s DockerCon, that being the new operating system (OS) LinuxKit, which was announced and is immediately on offer from the undisputed heavyweight container company, Docker. The container giant has announced a flexible, extensible operating...
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Boot an OpenSSH Server in 10 Mins with LinuxKit

In this post we'll get hands-on and use Docker's LinuxKit to build, run and connect to a bootable Linux system image with OpenSSH. You will need Docker for Mac for this example, but LinuxKit can create images bootable on may types of system. LinuxKit is an exciting new project spun out of Docker's...
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Docker Debuts Containerized Kit for Building Linux Distros

Today Docker unveiled LinuxKit and the Moby Project, a pair of projects that are intended to allow operating system vendors, do-it-yourselfers, and cutting-edge software creators to create container-native OSes and container-based systems. The do-it-yourself kit LinuxKit, which Docker has been...
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