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Open virtualization tools can be part of a broader strategy to provide developers and applications with the best possible infrastructure, integrating with containers, private clouds and public clouds. Learn more from the Guide to the Open Cloud.

Guide to the Open Cloud: The State of Virtualization

Is virtualization still as strategically important as it was now that we are in the age of containers? According to a Red Hat survey of 900 enterprise IT administrators, systems architects, and IT managers across geographic regions and industries, the answer is a resounding yes. Virtualization...
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The Practical Benefits of Network Namespaces

Linux Containers (LXC) [1] and Docker [2], as well as software-defined network (SDN) solutions [3], make extensive use of Linux namespaces, which allow you to define and use multiple virtual instances of the resources of a host and kernel. At this time, Linux namespaces include Cgroup, IPC, Network...
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Understanding LXC and LXD, Canonical's Open Source Container Solution

Alongside Docker and CoreOS, LXC and LXD are open source solutions for creating containers, the virtual environments that make it easy to deploy individual applications. Containers offer a lot of advantages for data centers and clouds. Here's what you should know to understand where LXC and LXD fit...
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