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Intro to DevOps
Join us on January 31, 2017 for the next webinar in our "Introduction to DevOps" series with John Willis.

How to Make the Most of the Free Intro to DevOps Course on edX

John Willis -- a leader in the DevOps movement -- is hosting a series of webinars to accompany the free Introduction to DevOps: Transforming and Improving Operations training course from The Linux Foundation and edX. Last month, he provided a thorough introduction to the course and offered tips and...
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The Basics of Web Application Security

We discussed how authentication establishes the identity of a user or system (sometimes referred to as a principal or actor). Until that identity is used to assess whether an operation should be permitted or denied, it doesn't provide much value. This process of enforcing what is and is not...
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Report: Agile and DevOps Provide More Benefits Together Than Alone

DevOps and agile are two of the most popular ways businesses try to stay ahead of the market, but put them together and they provide even more benefits. A new report, Accelerating Velocity and Customer Value with Agile and DevOps, from CA Technologies revealed businesses experienced greater...
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Keep hackers out
In this series, we’ll cover the five easiest ways to keep hackers out. Watch the free webinar on-demand for more information.

How to Keep Hackers out of Your Linux Machine Part 1: Top Two Security Tips

There is nothing a hacker likes more than a tasty Linux machine available on the Internet. In my recent Linux Foundation webinar I shared tactics, tools, and methods hackers use to invade your space. In this blog series, we’ll cover the five easiest ways to keep hackers out and know if they have...
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How Stack Overflow Plans to Survive the Next DNS Attack

Let’s talk about DNS. After all, what could go wrong? It’s just cache invalidation and naming things. tl;dr This blog post is about how Stack Overflow and the rest of the Stack Exchange network approaches DNS: By bench-marking different DNS providers and how we chose between them By implementing...
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Linux Kernel 4.8 Reaches End of Life, Users Urged to Move to Linux 4.9 Series

After informing us about the availability of the Linux 4.8.16 kernel update a few days ago, Greg Kroah-Hartman announced earlier today the availability of a new maintenance update, which appears to be the last in the stable series. It was bound to happen sooner or later, especially now that the...
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How to Secure MongoDB on Ubuntu or Debian or CentOS Linux Production server

MongoDB Ransomware attacks over 28000 databases server in last two days. MongoDB ransom attacks are in Wild. MongoDB is a free and open-source NoSQL document database server. It is used by web application for storing data on a public facing server. Securing MongoDB is critical. Crackers and hackers...
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Joe Brockmeier
Joe Brockmeier of Red Hat shares a wealth of practical wisdom for building open source communities in this talk from LinuxCon North America.

Communities Over Code: How to Build a Successful Software Project

Healthy productive FOSS projects don't just happen, but are built, and the secret ingredient is Community over code. Purpose and details are everything: If you build it will they come, and then how do you keep it going and growing? How do you set direction, attract and retain contributors, what do...
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Top 50 Developer Tools of 2016

Want to know exactly which tools should be on your radar in 2017? Our 3rd annual StackShare Awards do just that! We’ve analyzed thousands of data points to bring you rankings for the hottest tools, including: Application & Data Tool of the Year Utility Tool of the Year DevOps Tool of the Year...
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What's the Future of Data Storage?

Storage planning today means investing in an ecosystem that supports multiple technologies. The winning vendors will create integrated delivery models that obviate the differences between particular technologies.  What’s the future of storage? Is it internal server-based/software-defined?...
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