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MapR: How Next-Gen Applications Will Change the Way We Look at Data

The data landscape is changing right in front of our eyes. We are seeing gargantuan growth in total volume of data; we are generating and consuming massive amounts of video, images, sensor inputs of all sorts. Moreover, “the type of data that’s growing most rapidly are not the data sets we think of...
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MapR Platform Offers Persistent Data Access for Containerized Applications

This is the container age. The growing use of services like Docker is transforming the way that software is being handled within enterprises. However, this rise in container utilization does throw present problems for enterprise CIOs when it comes to rolling out applications in production. One of...
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MapR Shows Off Enterprise-Grade Spark Distribution

At Spark Summit in San Francisco, Calif., this week, Hadoop distribution vendor MapR Technologies announced a new enterprise-grade Apache Spark distribution. The new distribution, available now in both MapR Converged Community Edition and MapR Converged Enterprise Edition, includes the complete...
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