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OpenContrail, an SDN platform used with the OpenStack cloud computing platform, is emerging as an essential tool around which administrators will need to develop skillsets.

OpenContrail: An Essential Tool in the OpenStack Ecosystem

Throughout 2016, software-defined networking (SDN) rapidly evolved, and numerous players in the open source and cloud computing arenas are now helping it gain momentum. In conjunction with that trend, OpenContrail, a popular SDN platform used with the OpenStack cloud computing platform, is emerging...
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Mirantis Acquires TCP Cloud to Advance Kubernetes Ambitions

Moving to accelerate the rate at which the OpenStack cloud platform can be hosted on the Kubernetes container orchestration platform, Mirantis today announced it has acquired TCP Cloud. Based in Prague, TCP Cloud provides managed services around deployments of OpenStack, OpenContrail and Kubernetes...
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SUSE Offers RHEL Support for Mirantis OpenStack, While Red Hat Demurs

Mirantis and SUSE are joining forces to offer seamless support for running the Mirantis OpenStack distribution not only on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) but, surprisingly, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and CentOS as well. Many of our larger customers run two or three different Linux flavors...
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Mirantis to Fuse Kubernetes, CI/CD with Commercial OpenStack

In a move with serious implications for the lowest software layers of data center infrastructure, commercial OpenStack producer Mirantis this morning announced it is partnering with the two most important players in the infrastructure space — Google and Intel — to produce a new version of the...
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Mirantis Embracing Kubernetes and Containers for OpenStack Cloud

Among the vendors that are working on enabling OpenStack to run as a set of containers is Miranits, which is currently developing a new version of its Fuel platform to make use of Kubernetes. To date, Fuel has heavily relied on Puppet configuration management technology to help enable many...
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Kickstart your career with training on the most in-demand open source platforms and tools.

5 Cloud, Big Data, and Networking Platforms to Kickstart Your Open Source Career

A decade ago, Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst predicted that open source tools and platforms would become pervasive in IT. Fast-forward to today, and that prediction has come true, with profound implications for the employment market. “Today, it is almost impossible to name a major player in IT that...
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OpenStack certification is an extremely hot commodity in the job market.

Proven Paths for Getting Valuable OpenStack Certification

If you cycle the clock back to 2010, when Rackspace and NASA announced an effort to create a sophisticated cloud computing infrastructure that could compete with proprietary offerings, it would have been hard to forecast how successful the OpenStack platform would become. OpenStack has won over...
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