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Why You Should Care About Net Neutrality

This image does a good job illustrating what the net neutrality discussion is all about (thanks to Software Engineering daily). When folks discuss the idea of net neutrality, there are a lot of terms around legislation like “Title I” and “Title 2” and regulatory bodies like the FCC and FTC that are...
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Tech Giants Rally Today in Support of Net Neutrality

Technology giants like Amazon, Spotify, Reddit, Facebook, Google, Twitter and many othersare rallying today in a so-called “day of action” in support of net neutrality, five days ahead of the first deadline for comments on the US Federal Communications Commission’s planned rollback of the rules. In...
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Why the Next 10 Days Are Critical to the Internet’s Future

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has announced his intention to gut net neutrality. His goal is clear: to overturn the 2015 order and create an Internet that’s more centralized. The FCC will vote to move his proposal forward on May 18 — just 10 days from today. Net neutrality is about more than packets and...
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Here’s What Comes Next in the Fight to Save Net Neutrality

THE GOP-LED FEDERAL Communications Commission this week released the first details of its long-anticipated plan to roll-back Obama-era net neutrality protections. The good news for net neutrality advocates: You can already voice your official displeasure on the FCC’s proposal. The bad news: It’s...
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