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Learn how to keep your computers synchronized, using NTP and systemd.

Keep Accurate Time on Linux with NTP

How to keep the correct time and keep your computers synchronized without abusing time servers, using NTP and systemd. What Time is It? Linux is funky when it comes to telling the time. You might think that the time tells the time, but it doesn't because it is a timer that measures how long a...
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Time Is Running Out for NTP

Everyone benefits from Network Time Protocol, but the project struggles to pay its sole maintainer or fund its various initiatives.  “NTF’s NTP project remains severely underfunded,” the project team wrote in a recent security advisory. “Google was unable to sponsor us this year, and currently, the...
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NTP: I Need You to Go Ahead and Love It

It's about time we show NTP some love. This handy protocol has been around for quite a long while and is essential for synchronizing clocks across your network. It's 2016 (almost 2017); why is the time off on your system clocks? It became apparent to me that there are some folks out there that do...
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The NTP Project develops the protocol standard used to communicate time between systems.

Network Time Keeps on Ticking with Long-Running NTP Project

“Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so.” This quote from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is the title of a recent article by George V. Neville-Neil in the Communications of the ACM that takes an in-depth look at how time is kept for individual machines and across computer networks. The...
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