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LF training
The Linux Foundation and edX have partnered up again to offer a free OpenStack training course.

This Week in Open Source News: Linux Foundation Offering Free OpenStack Training, GitHub Wants More Business Users, & More

This week in open source and Linux news, a new OpenStack course from The Linux Foundation and edX is offered, GitHub's CEO sets user goals, and more! Keep on top of the latest Linux and OSS headlines with this weekly digest! 1) The Linux Foundation and edX offering a free OpenStack course. Learn...
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This Week in Open Source News: GitHub Speaks to Tech Industry Shifts, Hyperledger's Growth Shows Growing Importance of Blockchain, & More

This week in Linux and OSS news, GitHub CEO shares thoughts on tech industry's heavyweights shifting to Linux, National Law Review spotlights Hyperledger, and more! Read on to get caught up on this week's top Linux and open source headlines. github-1.png GitHub CEO Chris Wanstrath...
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Hyperledger, the Linux Foundation's blockchain project, enjoys continued membership growth.

This Week in Open Source News: Hyperledger's Growth Continues, Adobe Flash on Linux Resurrected, and More

This week in Linux and open source news, Hyperledger's membership continues to surge, Adobe to resurrect Flash on Linux, and more! Read on to stay informed on the biggest industry news.  The Linux Foundation's Hyperledger Project continues to dominate the industry. The Hyperledger Project is...
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Linus Torvalds LinuxCon
Linus Torvalds and Linux Foundation Executive Director Jim Zemlin shared a celebratory moment onstage at LinuxCon North America this week.

Special Anniversary Edition: This Week in Open Source News

1) An overview of Linux's history reveals circumstance, innovation, and cross-platform demand resulted in its massive success and legacy.  Linux Took Over the Web. Now, It’s Taking Over the World- WIRED 2) The 2016 Linux Kernel Development Report has been released and reveals profitability. Another...
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cloud perspective
This week's news bolsters a well-underway shift in attitude towards open source.

This Week in Open Source News: New Microsoft Scripting Language Opens Up, What Most Don't Get About OSS, & More

1) Microsoft's PowerShell scripting language and command-line shell has been released as open source, meaning that Windows and Azure's management tools will have a greater reach. PowerShell is Microsoft’s latest open source release, coming to Linux, OS X- Ars Technica 2) Open source has come so far...
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Amazon Web Services Introduces Load Balancing for Containers

Amazon Web Services (AWS) says it now delivers application load balancing for containers. The load balancing news comes as part of AWS’s move to make it easer for its customers to use containers. To do that, it’s in the process of integrating capabilities of its Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2...
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White House
The White House has released a Federal Source Code Policy, which aims to help government agencies increase efficiency with the code they write. They intend to bring the benefits of OSS to the government.

This Week in Open Source News: The White House Releases Code Policy, Linux Security Threats Pose Wide Risk, & More

1) The White House released federal source code policy, requiring agencies to release 20% of new code they commission as open source.  Open Source Won. So, Now What?- WIRED 2) A flaw in the Transmission Control Protocol poses a threat to Internet users, whether they use Linux directly or not. Use...
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This Week in Open Source News: British Government Seeks OSS Lead, Business Models Increasingly Embrace Open Software

1) British Government Digital Service (GDS) posted a job advertisement looking for a new ‘open source lead’. "How times have changed," writes Adrian Bridgwater. UK Government Recruits Chief Open Source Penguin- Forbes british-flag.png The British Digital Service (BDS) seeks an open...
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Walmart OSS
America's biggest superstore has joined the open source movement.

This Week in Open Source News: Wal-Mart Joins OSS Revolution, Latest Linux Version Integrated Into Android, & More

1) Wal-Mart announces they will make their application lifecycle management tool available as an open source project. Wal-Mart Proves Open Source Is Big Business- Forbes 2)  Android Nougat updates protect the kernel's memory and reduce attack surface. Google Beefs Up Linux Kernel Defenses in...
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This Week in Open Source News: OSS is the Enterprise's New Norm, Bulgaria's Government Mandates Open Source, & More

1) Splice Machine's decision to go open source reminds us that OSS is the new normal.  Has Open Source Become the Default Business Model for Enterprise Software?- ZDNet coat_of_arms_of_bulgaria.png The Bulgarian government kicks off a new open source software "experiment." Used...
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