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Carriers Embrace Trial & Error Approach as NFV Becomes Real

THE HAGUE, Netherlands — Telcos kicked off the SDN World Congress here with boasts about how un-telco-like they’ve become, influenced by software-defined infrastructure and the world of virtualization. Specifically, they’re starting to adopt software’s “agile” philosophy by being willing to proceed...
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Chris Rice, AT&T
Chris Rice, Sr. VP of Domain 2.0 Architecture and Design of AT&T, provided an overview of AT&T’s networking journey during his keynote address at the ODL Summit.

The Evolution of Open Source Networking at AT&T

For many years AT&T has been on the forefront of virtualizing a Tier 1 carrier network. They’ve done so in a very open fashion and are actively participating in, and driving, many open sources initiatives.  Their open initiatives include Domain 2.0, ECOMP, and CORD, all of which are driving...
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ETSI Releases Its Open Source MANO Software Stack

ETSI’s Open Source MANO (OSM) group today announced Release ONE, the first code out of the NFV management and orchestration (MANO) project. ETSI touts that OSM can natively support VIMs from VMware and OpenStack and can also support various software-defined networking (SDN) controllers. It can also...
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Open vSwitch 2016 Fall Conference

The third annual Open vSwitch conference focused on Open vSwitch and OVN. Learn more  
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ONOS Hummingbird SDN Release Touts Core Control Function Improvements

ON.Lab’s ONOS Project noted its eighth SDN platform release expands southbound and northbound protocol, legacy device support. The telecommunications market’s choice of software-defined networking platforms continues to blossom, with the Open Networking Laboratory’s Open Network Operating System...
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East-West Encryption: The Next Security Frontier?

Microsegmentation, a method to create secure, virtual connections in software-defined data centers (SDDCs), has already emerged as one of the primary reasons to embrace network virtualization (NV). But some vendors believe that East-West encryption of traffic inside the data center could be the...
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Transforming Rigid Networks into Dynamic and Agile Infrastructure

For service providers with rigid network resources, physically assigned in metro and wide-area networking (WAN)networks, their complex networking structures aren’t easily manipulated into making dynamic changes. Another challenge is the ability to manage their existing network connections, while at...
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How NV Can Increase IT Agility

As organizations of all sizes seek to transform themselves into digital businesses, the need for an agile IT infrastructure becomes ever more acute. Network virtualization (NV) can increase IT agility, according to emerging case studies and user feedback. Here’s an example of one of the challenges...
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Standards Move at Snail’s Pace for the NFV Community

There’s a general consensus among people working on telco virtualization that open source groups are replacing traditional standards groups. “In open source, code is the coin of the realm; express yourself with something that is useful,” said Tom Anschutz, distinguished member of AT&T’s...
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User-Centric Networks Will Drive New Architectures

The average person today is surrounded by a cloud. Smartphones alone connect people to a wide array of content and services. Add the other devices they interact with in the office or in their connected home, and the concept of user-centric network (UCN), created and controlled by the user over...
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