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Linda Nichols, of Cloudreach, will discuss the basics of serverless and why it works so well with Node.js at Node.js Interactive, Oct. 4-6, 2017 in Vancouver, BC Canada.

The Basics of Going Serverless with Node.js

Developers are continuing to look for more efficient and effective ways to build out applications, and one of the new approaches to this involves serverless applications, which are the future of lightweight, scalable, and performant applications development. The space of “serverless” is still...
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Keynotes for Node.js Interactive Focus on the Future of the Platform

From October 4–6 developers, software architects, engineers, and community organizers will gather in Vancouver, British Columbia for Node.js Interactive — an event hosted by the Node.js Foundation. The conference features keynotes, presentations and workshops that are aimed to help Node.js users...
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