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Announcing The Node.js Application Showcase

The stats around Node.js are pretty staggering. There were 25 million downloads of Node.js in 2017, with over one million of them happening on a single day. And these stats are just the users. On the community side, the numbers are equally exceptional. What explains this immense popularity? What we...
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Exploring Node.js with Mark Hinkle, the Executive Director of the Node.js Foundation

Even though JavaScript has been around for more than 20 years, it’s becoming the first class citizen for developing enterprise applications. There is a huge developer community behind this technology. What makes things even more interesting is that, with Node.js, JavaScript can run on server, so...
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JS Interactive

At JS Interactive, attendees collaborate face-to-face, network, and learn how to better their skills with JS in IoT, backend and frontend. The program will cover a broad spectrum of the Javascript ecosystem including Node.js, frameworks, best practices and stories from successful end-users. Learn...
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Node.js 8 Moves into Long-Term Support and Node.js 9 Becomes the New Current Release Line

We are super excited to announce that later today Node.js 8 will be ready for production as it transfers into the de facto Long-Term Support release line opening it up to a larger user base that demands stability and security (Node.js 8.9.0 is the first official Node.js 8 release to hit LTS status...
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Deploy Atomically with Travis & npm

I think I am a software developer because I am lazy. The second or third time I have to perform the same exact task, I find myself saying, “Ugh, can’t I tell the computer how to do it?”  So imagine my reaction when our team’s deployment process started looking like this: git pull npm run build to...
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Microsoft Adds Multithreading to Node.js for Compute-Heavy Apps

The Napa.js runtime is in development to bring C++-like performance to Node.js. Microsoft’s beta Napa.js runtime is offering multithreaded support for the Node.js server-side JavaScript platform, to provide the flexibility of JavaScript with speedy performance akin to C++’s. By introducing...
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A Chat with Chef about the DevOps Movement and Habitat Builder

Last week at our annual user conference, Node.js Interactive, we announced several new members to the Node.js Foundation. One of the members that joined is Chef. Chef works with more than a thousand companies around the world to deliver their vision of digital transformation. We sat down with the...
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Node.js is Strong and Growing

As we come into this year’s Node.js Interactive conference it’s a good time to reflect on the State of Node.js, and by any reasonable measure the state of Node.js is very strong. Every day there are more than 8.8 million Node instances online, that number has grown by 800,000 in the last nine...
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Accelerate Application Modernization with Node.js

Node.js is much more than an application platform. In a 2016 Forrester report, the research firm talked with several Node.js users and developers to better understand the growth of Node within global enterprises across all a range of industries. Forrester’s key takeaways: Node.js Is Enterprise...
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Node Interactive
Linda Nichols, of Cloudreach, will discuss the basics of serverless and why it works so well with Node.js at Node.js Interactive, Oct. 4-6, 2017 in Vancouver, BC Canada.

The Basics of Going Serverless with Node.js

Developers are continuing to look for more efficient and effective ways to build out applications, and one of the new approaches to this involves serverless applications, which are the future of lightweight, scalable, and performant applications development. The space of “serverless” is still...
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