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Ashley Williams at Node Interactive
Ashley Williams, Developer Community and Content Manager for npm, shared some staggering figures associated with the registry in her talk at Node.js Interactive.

State of the Union: npm

Ashley Williams kicked off her colorful "paint by number" keynote at Node.js Interactive by explaining that npm is actually a for-profit company. Npm makes money by selling its enterprise services and, apart from the amounts required to run the everyday operations of a regular company, its revenue...
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Rod Vagg
During his keynote at Node.js Interactive in November, Rod Vagg, Technical Steering Committee Director at the Node.js Foundation, talked about the current state of Node.js development.

Node.js: The State of the Union

By all metrics, it has been a good year for Node.js. During his keynote at Node.js Interactive in November, Rod Vagg, Technical Steering Committee Director at the Node.js Foundation talked about the progress that the project made during 2016. Node.js. Foundation is now sponsored by nearly 30...
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IBM Updates Bluemix OpenWhisk Serverless Platform

As evidence of just how hot serverless computing appears to be for developers in the cloud, IBM has added a slew of new features to its Bluemix OpenWhisk platform. Big Blue introduced the OpenWhisk platform at its InterConnect 2016 conference in Las Vegas in February. Since then the technology has...
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This Week in Open Source News: Challenging the Microsoft Challengers, Fedora 25 Makes Linux Easy, & More

This week in open source and Linux news, Steven J. Vaughan-NIchols challenges the critics of the new Linux Foundation-Microsoft membership news, Fedora 25 is easy for newbies to use, and more. Keep reading for all the latest top OSS news! 1) Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols challenges the Microsoft...
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IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Mozilla and NodeSource Join Forces on Node.js API

Part of Node.js Foundation’s mission is growing Node.js everywhere. The Node.js platform is already available on a variety of VMs, like Samsung’s JerryScript, a lightweight JavaScript engine for the Internet of Things. While many steps are needed to allow Node.js to work in VM environments outside...
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Node.js Interactive
In this preview to Node.js Interactive in Austin, Athan Reines, software engineer at Fourier, explains the importance of the JavaScript Math library and how some individuals are working to fix it.

Math in V8 Is Broken; How Do We Fix It?

JavaScript has become increasingly more popular, especially with the introduction of Node.js, which has allowed full-stack JavaScript development. As this 20-year development language continues to rise, a group of individuals began to notice something: Math in V8 (a JavaScript engine) is broken....
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Node.js Interactive
To avoid pitfalls, management and decision makers need to look beyond just "containerizing-all-the-things" and take a holistic approach to their software development, QA, release, and culture, says Ross Kukulinski, Product Manager at NodeSource.

Pitfalls to Avoid When Implementing Node.js and Containers

The use of containers and Node.js are on the rise as the two technologies are a good match for effectively developing and deploying microservice architectures. In a recent survey from the Node.js Foundation, the project found that 45 percent of developers that responded to the survey were using...
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Node.js Interactive
Alibaba developer Joyee Cheung describes how Node.js helps the company scale quickly to serve millions of customers and businesses.

Can Node.js Scale? Ask the Team at Alibaba

Alibaba is arguably the world’s biggest online commerce company. It serves millions of users and hosts millions of merchants and businesses. As of August 2016, Alibaba had 434 million users with 427 million active mobile monthly users. During this year’s Singles Day, which happened on November 11...
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Node.js Interactive
In this preview to his presentation at Node.js Interactive in Austin, Stefano Balietti explains why he chose Node.js for his game-based research.

Online Behavioral Experiments Happening With nodeGame and Node.js

The goal of social science research is to discover fundamental features of human behavior. There are many different approaches to discover this, but one of the best approaches is through games. How do researches implement these types of games and what technologies are most appropriate to help them...
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Node.js Interactive
Node.js Interactive (Nov. 29-Dec. 2 in Austin, TX) will feature two full days of talks, workshops, and keynotes focused on skill-building and knowledge-sharing in performance, DevOps, debugging, security, machine learning, IoT, and more.

Learn The Future of Node.js From Industry and Community Experts at Node.js Interactive

With almost five million users a month and adoption across numerous industries, Node.js is a universal platform for web applications, IoT development, enterprise application development, and microservice architectures. Its liberal contribution policies have allowed the platform to increase the...
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