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Buildah 1.0: Linux Container Construction Made Easy

The good news about containers, such as Docker's, is they make it easy to deploy applications, and you can run far more of them on a server than you can on a virtual machine. The bad news is that putting an application into a container can be difficult. That's where Buildah comes in. Buildah is a...
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Containerd 1.0 Release Becomes the Public Face of Containers

There may be a plurality of operative components inside an OCI standard container, though for now, two are of prime importance. The runc component is the executive — the part which makes a container functional unto itself. The second part of the puzzle, containerd acts as the part that “supervises...
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OCI Update: v1.0.1 Release and New Maintainer

Concurrently, we are gearing up for the next phase in ensuring broad adoption of common container image format and runtime specs as we prepare to launch an OCI certification/conformance program. This program will allow folks to be confident that their OCI solutions meet a high set of criteria that...
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Introducing CRI-O 1.0

Last year, the Kubernetes project introduced its Container Runtime Interface (CRI) -- a plugin interface that gives kubelet (a cluster node agent used to create pods and start containers) the ability to use different OCI-compliant container runtimes, without needing to recompile Kubernetes....
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network automation
Automation is listed as one of the top five virtualization trends of 2017, and The Linux Foundation's ONAP is leading the way, says RCRWireless.

This Week in Open Source News: Top 5 Virtualization Trends, New Mozilla OSS Speech Recognition Project & More

This week in Linux and open source headlines, ONAP leads the way in the automation trend, Mozilla launches new, open source speech recognition project, and more! Get up to speed with the handy Linux.com weekly digest! 1) With automation being one of the top virtualization trends of 2017, The Linux...
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Docker Leads OCI Release of V1.0 Runtime and Image Format Specifications

Today marks an important milestone for the Open Container Initiative (OCI) with the release of the OCI v1.0 runtime and image specifications – a journey that Docker has been central in driving and navigating over the last two years. It has been our goal to provide low-level standards as building...
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The Open Container Initiative Launches Version 1.0 of Its Container Specs

It took a while, but the Open Container Initiative (OCI) today announced the launch of the 1.0 versions of both its container runtime and image specs for software container. The two-year-old open source foundation was established by Docker and other leaders in the container ecosystem to be the...
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The Moby Project changes the way Docker is being developed and consumed.

How the Moby Project Pivots Docker’s Open Source Business Model

When Docker creator Solomon Hykes announced the Moby Project at DockerCon, he said it was very close to his heart. It was the second most important project since Docker itself. What makes the Moby Project so special for Hykes is that it fundamentally changes the Docker world. It changes the way...
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As we move into 2017, The Open Container Initiative reflects on the community's accomplishments in 2016 and how far they’ve come since being founded a little over a year ago.

OCI’s Push For Open Container Standards Continues in 2017

Chris Aniszczyk is The Linux Foundation’s Vice President of Developer Relations and Programs where he serves as the Executive Director of the Open Container Initiative and COO of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. As we kick off 2017 and look ahead to the coming year, I want to take some time...
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Microsoft joins The Linux Foundation
I was honored to join Scott Guthrie, executive VP of Microsoft’s Cloud and Enterprise Group, at the Connect(); developer event in New York on Nov. 16, 2016.

Microsoft Steps Up Its Commitment to Open Source

Today The Linux Foundation is announcing that we’ve welcomed Microsoft as a Platinum member. I’m honored to join Scott Guthrie, executive VP of Microsoft’s Cloud and Enterprise Group, at the Connect(); developer event in New York and expect to be able to talk more in the coming months about how we’...
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