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Linux Foundation Networking
LFN's membership continues to grow as Sprint comes aboard.

This Week in Open Source News: Sprint Joins LF Networking Fund, Blockchain Consolidation Predictions & More

This week in open source and Linux news, Hyperledger's Brian Behlendorf predicts blockchain consolidation, Sprint joins LFN and ORAN Alliance, AGL is furthering the connected car movement in new and comprehensive ways, and more! 1) Hyperledger's Brian Behlendorf "predicts the industry will begin to...
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Addressing the Complexity of Big Data with Open Source

Just like a zoo with hundreds of different species and exhibits, the big data stack is created from more than 20 different projects developed by committers and contributors of the Apache Software Foundation. Each project has its own complex dependencies structure, which, in turn, build on one...
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A Guide to Git Branching

In this third article on getting started with Git, learn how to add and delete Git branches. In my two previous articles in this series, we started using Git and learned how to clone, modify, add, and delete Git files. In this third installment, we'll explore Git branching and why and how it is...
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open governance
Join us Wednesday, May 30, 2018 at 10:00 am Pacific for "Governance Models of Community-Driven Open Source Projects," a free webinar hosted by The Linux Foundation.

Free Webinar on Community-Driven Governance for Open Source Projects

Topics such as licensing and governance are complex but nonetheless critical considerations for open source projects. And, understanding and implementing the requirements in a strategic way are key to a project’s long-term health and success. In an upcoming webinar -- “Governance Models of...
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KubeCon + CloudNativeCon was held last week in Copenhagen, Denmark; get details in this week's open source news. (Image courtesy of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.)

This Week in Open Source News: Microsoft Proves Linux Love, KubeCon Shows Impressive Growth & Influence & More

This week in our news roundup, Microsoft demonstrates its "open source love" with a Linux-friendly update to the Windows Notepad feature, KubeCon size tripled this year & attendees learned about the direction of Kubernetes & container orchestration & more! Read on! 1) "Microsoft has...
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open source AI
Read about three open source AI projects aimed at simplifying access to AI tools and insights.

Open Source AI For Everyone: Three Projects to Know

At the intersection of open source and artificial intelligence, innovation is flourishing, and companies ranging from Google to Facebook to IBM are open sourcing AI and machine learning tools. According to research from IT Intelligence Markets, the global artificial intelligence software market is...
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Android Things
Eric Brown has details on newly announced Android Things features and related products.

Android Things 1.0 Offers Free OTA Updates — With Restrictions

A year and a half after Google announced that its stripped down, IoT-oriented Brillo version of Android was being recast as Android Things, the platform has emerged from Developer Preview as Android Things 1.0. The good news is that Google is offering customers free automated updates for three...
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Tutorial: Git for Absolutely Everyone

Imagine you have a brand new project. Naturally, you plan to store all related files in a single new directory. As work progresses, these files will change. A lot. Things will get disorganized, even messy, and at some point even completely fubar. At that point, you would want to go back in time to...
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How the Kubernetes Release Team Works

As a community project, Kubernetes also has a community process for how releases are managed and delivered. At the KubeCon and CloudNativeCon Europe 2018 event, Jaice Singer DuMars, OSS Governance Program Manager, and Caleb Miles, technical program manager at Google, outlined the core process and...
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Building Tools for the AI Applications of Tomorrow

We’re currently laying the foundation for future generations of AI applications, but we aren’t there yet. For the last few years, AI has been almost synonymous with deep learning (DL). We’ve seen AlphaGo touted as an example of deep learning. We’ve seen deep learning used for naming paint colors (...
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