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OS Strategy
Learn how to align your organization's goals for open source software with your business objectives using proven practices from the TODO Group.

A Free Guide for Setting Your Open Source Strategy

The majority of companies using open source understand its business value, but they may lack the tools to strategically implement an open source program and reap the full rewards. According to a recent survey from The New Stack, “the top three benefits of open source programs are 1) increased...
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OS guide
Building leadership in the community is key to establishing trust, enabling collaboration, and fostering the cultural understanding required to be effective in open source.

Free Open Source Guides Offer Practical Advice for Building Leadership

How important is leadership for evolving open source projects and communities? According to the most recent Open Source Guide for the Enterprise from The Linux Foundation and the TODO Group, building leadership in the community is key to establishing trust, enabling collaboration, and fostering the...
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open source guide
Check out this list of 21 must-read books for open source program managers, recommended by members of the TODO Group.

The Essential Open Source Reading List: 21 Must-Read Books

Is your organization looking to build out an open source program or are you already managing one? If so, you’re probably already considering the kinds of tools and guidance that can make your program a holistic success. That is why, in this article series, we have been covering tools for managing...
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Open source guides
This free guide can help you increase your development team’s efficacy through and with open source contributions.

Practical Ways to Improve Your Open Source Development Impact

Open source programs are sparking innovation at organizations of all types, and if your program is up and running, you may have arrived at the point where maximizing the impact of your development is essential to continued success. Many open source program managers are now required to demonstrate...
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OS Guides
Launching a project and then rallying community support can be complicated, but that's where the new guide to Starting an Open Source Project comes in.

Launching an Open Source Project: A Free Guide

Increasingly, as open source programs become more pervasive at organizations of all sizes, tech and DevOps workers are choosing to or being asked to launch their own open source projects. From Google to Netflix to Facebook, companies are also releasing their open source creations to the community....
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Open Source
The ever-expanding collection of Open Source Guides via The Linux Foundation & TODO Group allow anyone to elevate their organization with open source strategy.

This Week in Open Source News: More Open Source Guides Released by The Linux Foundation, New Hyperledger MOOC & More

This week in Linux and open source news, The Linux Foundation's Open Source Guides surface useful strategic knowledge via TODO Group, Hyperleder's new free course more relevant than ever, and more! 1) More Open Source Guides have been released by The Linux Foundation & TODO Group. Read them to...
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open source guides
An important step in using open source code effectively is setting explicit guidelines to be followed.

Best Practices for Using Open Source Code

However, diving in and using open source code without an understanding of everything from legal risks to best development practices is perilous. Approaching open source code usage without best practices in place can also tarnish an organization’s reputation. That’s where the free, new Using Open...
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open source guides
The Linux Foundation’s free online guide, Participating in Open Source Communities, can help organizations successfully navigate open source waters.

A Free Guide to Participating in Open Source Communities

The Linux Foundation’s free online guide Participating in Open Source Communities can help organizations successfully navigate these open source waters. The detailed guide covers what it means to contribute to open source as an organization and what it means to be a good corporate citizen. It...
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Open Source Summit EU
The Linux Foundation's European Open Source Summit was filled with influential tech voices, networking opportunities, and key news this week.

This Week in Open Source News: Open Source Summit Europe Is Platform for Several Important Announcements

In this special Open Source Summit Europe edition of the Linux.com weekly digest, we revisit stories that broke at the annual gathering of open source experts and enthusiasts. Here's what you might have missed in Prague. 1) The annual Linux Kernel Development Report has been released, detailing the...
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OS Guides
This new, free online guide from The Linux Foundation -- Recruiting Open Source Developers -- can help you recruit developers or build internal talent.

Effective Strategies for Recruiting Open Source Developers

Experienced open source developers are in short supply. To attract top talent, companies often have to do more than hire a recruiter or place an ad on a popular job site. However, if you are running an open source program at your organization, the program itself can be leveraged as a very effective...
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