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Technologies like containers and edge computing are hot and the demand for developers and sysadmins who can integrate, collaborate, and innovate in this space is exploding.

Open Source Networking Jobs: A Hotbed of Innovation and Opportunities

As global economies move ever closer to a digital future, companies and organizations in every industry vertical are grappling with how to further integrate and deploy technology throughout their business and operations. While Enterprise IT largely led the way, the advantages and lessons learned...
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Developer Recruitment Drives Open Source Funding

The latest 2018 Open Source Jobs Report points to several ways employers can help developers. For the study, the Linux Foundation and Dice surveyed over 750 hiring managers involved with recruiting open source professionals. Due to the survey’s subject, it is not surprising almost half of hiring...
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OS Jobs Report
Nearly half of hiring managers say employing certified open source professionals is a priority, according to 2018 Open Source Jobs Report.

Certification Plays Big Role in Open Source Hiring

With high demand for Linux professionals and a shortage of workers with these skills, it’s small wonder that employers are willing not only to train their staff but also to help them get certified. Forty-two percent of employers report having trained existing workers on new open source technologies...
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Open Source Jobs Report: 3 Hot Skill Areas Now

In the IT job market right now, it pays to have open source skills. That’s the main takeaway from the seventh annual Open Source Jobs Report, conducted by The Linux Foundationand careers site Dice. Demand for experience and skills with open source platforms isn’t some overnight sensation, but it...
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OS Jobs Report
Nearly half of hiring managers say employing certified open source professionals is a priority, according to 2018 Open Source Jobs Report.

Linux Professionals Hard to Find, Say Hiring Managers

It’s a very good time to be a Linux professional. Linux is back on top as the most in-demand open source skill and hiring these professionals has become a higher priority for 83% of hiring managers this year compared to 76% in 2017, according to the newly released 2018 Open Source Jobs Report.  ...
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Open Source Jobs Report
The latest Open Source Jobs Report shows a strong market for open source talent, driven in part by the rapid growth of cloud technologies.

Open Source Skills Soar In Demand According to 2018 Jobs Report

Linux expertise is again in the top spot as the most sought after open source skill, says the latest Open Source Jobs Reportfrom Dice and The Linux Foundation. The seventh annual report shows rapidly growing demand for open source skills, particularly in areas of cloud technology. Key findings of...
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“Success” in the cloud largely depends on the scope and context of what you deploy; here are some tips to consider.

7 Tips to Help Your Company Succeed in the Cloud

The growing footprints of public cloud providers are changing the way we view deploying and delivering digital services. This transformation was brought to light in a single sentence in an article  about transformations and change at Etsy: “The emphasis on go-it-alone craftsmanship meant Etsy...
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os jobs
Interviewing can be stressful, but 58 percent of companies tell Dice and the Linux Foundation that they need to hire open source talent in the months ahead. Learn how to ask the right questions.

3 Essential Questions to Ask at Your Next Tech Interview

The annual Open Source Jobs Report from Dice and The Linux Foundation reveals a lot about prospects for open source professionals and hiring activity in the year ahead. In this year’s report, 86 percent of tech professionals said that knowing open source has advanced their careers. Yet what happens...
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The Open Source Jobs Report, from Dice and The Linux Foundation, found that professionals with security experience are in high demand for the future.

Security Jobs Are Hot: Get Trained and Get Noticed

The demand for security professionals is real. On Dice.com, 15 percent of the more than 75K jobs are security positions. “Every year in the U.S., 40,000 jobs for information security analysts go unfilled, and employers are struggling to fill 200,000 other cyber-security related roles, according to...
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The 2017 Open Source Jobs Report finds that half of hiring managers are more likely to hire a certified professional, while 47 percent of companies are willing to help pay for certification.

Demand for Certified SysAdmins and Developers Is On the Rise

Even with a shortage of IT workers, some employers are still discerning in their hiring requirements and are either seeking certified candidates or offering to pay for their employees to become certified. The Linux Foundation’s 2017 Open Source Jobs Report finds that half of hiring managers are...
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