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Matt Butcher provides tips for managing open source projects based on experience with Kubernetes Helm.

More Tips for Managing a Fast-Growing Open Source Project

As open source technology has become more strategically important for organizations everywhere, many tech workers are choosing to or being asked to build out and oversee their own open source projects. From Google, to Netflix to Facebook, companies are also releasing their open source creations to...
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The key to open source compliance is knowing what’s in your code, right down to the exact versions of the components, says Ibrahim Haddad.

Good Compliance Practices Are Good Engineering Practices

Ibrahim Haddad: It is true that open source software has to a large extent simplified the process of software procurement. The traditional procurement model for proprietary software has always been heavy on the front end, as it involves trial and evaluation, negotiation related to possible...
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Five Noteworthy Open Source Projects

The open-source movement has gained momentum over the last few years. So much so that The Linux Foundation recently formed the LF Networking Fund (LFN) in an effort to place multiple open source networking projects under a single umbrella. These types of projects allow virtually anyone to make...
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“The Apache Way” — Open Source Done Well

The Apache Software Foundation has been supporting open source for nearly twenty years. But what’s it all about? In this article, Ignasi Barrera goes over the organization and why it has been so successful in creating new technology for the benefit of the whole community. We strongly believe...
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Overcoming Challenges When Building Great Global Communities

Global open source communities often face language barriers, cultural differences, and other challenges. Here's how to overcome them. Global communities: 3 common challenges Anyone who's ever worked in a group knows that differences of opinion can be difficult to overcome. In online communities,...
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Who Contributed the Most to Open Source in 2017?

For this analysis we’ll look at all the PushEvents published by GitHub during 2017. For each GitHub user we’ll have to make our best guess to determine to which organization they belong. We’ll only look at repositories that have received at least 20 stars this year. Here are the results I got,...
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Products Over Projects

Software projects are a popular way of funding and organizing software development. Projects are funded on a case-by-case basis on the basis of benefits projected in a business case. They are organized in the form of one or more temporary teams whose members have durable reporting lines outside the...
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The 30 Highest Velocity Open Source Projects

Open Source projects exhibit natural increasing returns to scale. That’s because most developers are interested in using and participating in the largest projects, and the projects with the most developers are more likely to quickly fix bugs, add features and work reliably across the largest number...
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Open source practices
Making a success of your project can involve everything from evaluating licenses to community outreach. A recent Linux Foundation webinar offered proven tips to help.

Starting an Open Source Project: A Free Webinar Highlights Best Practices

Have you launched an open source project or are you considering doing so? Making a success of your project can involve everything from evaluating licenses to community outreach. The good news is that there are many free resources that can help you advance and protect your project. A recent webinar...
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Enterprises Increasingly Joining Open Source Ecosystem – Wikibon

A new wave of open source participation is growing among large traditional enterprises not normally considered technology developers, writes Wikibon Lead Cloud Analyst Brian Gracely. Companies like Capital One Financial Corp., Nike Inc., Deere & Co. and General Electric Co. are joining open...
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