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OpenHPC Pedal Put to the Compute Metal

The ultimate success of any platform depends on the seamless integration of diverse components into a synergistic whole – well, as much as is possible in the real world – while at the same time being flexible enough to allow for components to be swapped out and replaced by others to suit personal...
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This Week in Open Source News: AGL Updates, Why Pick Linux, & More

1) Jack Wallen shares what's new with Automotive Grade Linux and why it's an important Linux Foundation Collaborative Project. agl-logo.jpg Used with permission Automotive Grade Linux Wants to Help Open Source Your Next Car- TechRepublic 2) Daniel Robinson shares the latest...
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Video: Announcing Intel HPC Orchestrator

“Intel HPC Orchestrator simplifies the installation, management and ongoing maintenance of a high-performance computing system by reducing the amount of integration and validation effort required for the HPC system software stack. Intel HPC Orchestrator can help accelerate your time to results and...
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OpenHPC Establishes Leadership & Releases Initial Software Stack

Today the Linux Foundation announced a set of technical, leadership and member investment milestones for OpenHPC, a Linux Foundation project to develop an open source framework for High Performance Computing environments. While HPC is often thought of as a hardware-dominant industry, the software...
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