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LF training
The Linux Foundation and edX have partnered up again to offer a free OpenStack training course.

This Week in Open Source News: Linux Foundation Offering Free OpenStack Training, GitHub Wants More Business Users, & More

This week in open source and Linux news, a new OpenStack course from The Linux Foundation and edX is offered, GitHub's CEO sets user goals, and more! Keep on top of the latest Linux and OSS headlines with this weekly digest! 1) The Linux Foundation and edX offering a free OpenStack course. Learn...
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OpenStack support
OpenStack distribution vendors compete on support offerings.

Support Is Now the Differentiator in the OpenStack Race

When it comes to OpenStack cloud computing distributions, now offered by a variety of vendors, we are at a tipping point. As businesses and organizations demand flexible solutions for deploying cloud solutions based on OpenStack, competition is fierce.  With so many vendors competing in this arena...
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OpenStack Summit
OpenStack has an international community of more than 60,700 individual members.

Navigating OpenStack: Community, Release Cycles and Events

Hopefully last week we piqued your interest in a career path in OpenStack. Adoption is growing and so is the number of OpenStack jobs. Like any other open source project, if you’re going to use it---professionally or personally—it’s important to understand its community and design/release patterns...
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OpenStack’s adoption by business users has created an opportunity for developers, architects, sysadmins, and engineers to pay the rent by working on free software–and there’s plenty of open seats at the table.

OpenStack Jobs Are Growing and There's Plenty of Seats at the Table

OpenStack’s adoption by business users has created an opportunity for devs, architects, sysadmins and engineers to pay the rent by working on free software–and there’s plenty of open seats at the table. OpenStack has seen rapid growth since its beginnings in 2010, when 75 developers gathered to...
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Mirantis Acquires TCP Cloud to Advance Kubernetes Ambitions

Moving to accelerate the rate at which the OpenStack cloud platform can be hosted on the Kubernetes container orchestration platform, Mirantis today announced it has acquired TCP Cloud. Based in Prague, TCP Cloud provides managed services around deployments of OpenStack, OpenContrail and Kubernetes...
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OpenStack API Benchmarking and Scaling — 3 Test Cases

Have you ever been curious how much of a workload the OpenStack control plane can handle before needing to scale horizontally? Based on the load, how will the API performance adjust? How much overhead will load on the OpenStack APIs add to my application deployment timeline? What behavior should I...
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How to Install Your OpenStack Cloud Before Lunch

What if I told you that you can have your OpenStack Cloud environment setup before you have to stop for lunch?Would you be surprised? Could you do that today?In most cases, I am betting your answer would be "Not possible," not even on your best day. Not to worry — the solution is here and it's...
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Red Hat Releases OpenStack Platform 9

Red Hat is releasing the latest version of its OpenStack Platform 9 product. The open Infrastructure-as-a-Service platform is designed to help deploy, scale, and manage private cloud, public cloud, and Network Functions Virtualisation environments. Based on the latest OpenStack community release,...
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Platform9 & ZeroStack Make OpenStack a Little More VMware-Friendly

Platform9 and ZeroStack are adding VMware high availability to their prefab cloud offerings, part of the ongoing effort to make OpenStack better accepted by enterprises. OpenStack is a platform, an archipelago of open source projects that help you run a cloud. But some assembly is required. Both...
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PLUMgrid Advances SDN with CloudSecure

Software Defined Networking (SDN) vendor PLUMgrid is helping to secure it product portfolio and its customers with a new technology it calls CloudSecure. The goal with CloudSecure is to help provide policy and structure for organizations to build secure micro-segmented networking in the cloud. "...
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