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OpenStack Foundation Embraces Containers With “Kata Containers”

Kata Containers were one of the exciting announcements from this year's KubeCon. See how they work and how the makers are working with the community. On Dec. 5, when the enthusiastic container community was getting ready for KubeCon, the OpenStack Foundation renewed its long-standing friendship...
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Why Now Is the Time for Multi-Cloud

Craig McLuckie isn’t a fan of every buzzword flitting across the tech landscape. He admits that multi-cloud wasn’t one of his favorites, but he’s changing his mind. “I’m starting to see a deep legitimacy to multi-cloud,”  says McLuckie,  co-founder of Kubernetes and now CEO of Heptio, “I used to...
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CableLabs Announces Two Open Source Projects for NFV

SNAPS is an overarching program at CableLabs to facilitate the adoption of software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) within the CableLabs’ community. The organization says it spearheaded SNAPS to fill in gaps within open source to ease the adoption of SDN and NFV...
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The OpenStack Foundation team has been thinking about what “open” means for the project. Learn more.

What Open Means to OpenStack

In his keynote at OpenStack Summit in Australia, Jonathan Bryce (Executive Director of the OpenStack Foundation) stressed on the meaning of both “Open” and “Stack” in the name of the project and focused on the importance of collaboration within the OpenStackecosystem. OpenStack has enjoyed...
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OpenStack’s Next Mission: Bridging the Gaps Between Open Source Projects

OpenStack, the massive open source project that provides large businesses with the software tools to run their data center infrastructure, is now almost eight years old. While it had its ups and downs, hundreds of enterprises now use it to run their private clouds and there are even over two dozen...
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Understanding the Open Virtual Network

In January of 2015, the Open vSwitch (OVS) team announced they planned to start a new project within OVS called OVN (Open Virtual Network).  The timing could not have been better for me as I was looking around for a new project.  I dove in with a goal of figuring out whether OVN could be a...
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Navigating Kubernetes and Edge Computing

Often the best path to working with two vanguard technologies is unclear. That’s why OpenDev, a recent two-day event sponsored by the Ericsson, Intel and the OpenStack Foundation, dedicated a session to folks navigating Kubernetes and edge computing.  Both technologies appear to be here to stay. “...
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Six Strategies for Scaling an Open Source Community

We have solved some of the scaling problems with the release management and documentation teams, and are planning a solution for an issue now facing the dependency management team. In the course of working with those teams, I have developed a six-step process that I use to find more sustainable...
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OpenStack Pike Debuts Re-Defining the Open-Source Cloud Platform

The 16th release of OpenStack now uses the open-source Python 3.5 programming language and provides new standalone project component options. The OpenStack Foundation debuted its 16th milestone release today with the launch of the OpenStack Pike cloud infrastructure platform. Pike follows the...
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OpenShift on OpenStack: Delivering Applications Better Together

Have you ever asked yourself, where should I run OpenShift? The answer is anywhere—it runs great on bare metal, on virtual machines, in a private cloud or in the public cloud. But, there are some reasons why people are moving to private and public clouds related to automation around full stack...
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