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8 Takeaways from NIST’s Application Container Security Guide

Companies are leveraging containers on a massive scale to rapidly package and deliver software applications. But because it is difficult for organizations to see the components and dependencies in all their container images, the security risks associated with containerized software delivery has...
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7 Habits of Highly Successful Site Reliability Engineers

So we decided to look at some of the characteristics and habits common to highly successful SREs. As in most development and operations roles, first-class technical chops are obviously critical. For SREs, those specific skills might depend on how a particular organization defines or approaches the...
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Predictive Analytics in the Multicloud

Cloud computing has plenty of complexities. And while many IT leaders would prefer a unified infrastructure, wherein the business standardizes on one or two cloud vendors, that is not going to happen in the real world. The reason is simple: Applications the business depends on reside on a variety...
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How to Rethink Project Management for DevOps

As DevOps boosts your organization’s agility, how does the project manager role need to change? Explore this expert advice. As DevOps culture spreads, however, so does its impact on other areas of the organization. Take project management: DevOps fundamentally changes how IT teams approach projects...
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But I Don't Know What a Container Is

What, then, is a container? Well, I come from a virtualization—hypervisor and virtual machine (VM)—background, and, in my mind, containers are both very much like and very much unlike VMs. I realize that this may not sound very helpful, but let me explain. How is a container like a VM? The main way...
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Platform-as-a-Service: The Key to Running a Continuous Deployment Pipeline

“As developers, we want to be spending time creating and pushing features, we do not want to have to worry about platforms and talking to operations. [It’s all about] getting feedback and getting those features in the hands of users,” he said. “We want to deploy apps down a pipeline [and we] need...
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The Trouble With Promises: Patrick Debois Explains Serverless And 'Service-Full' Culture

The old way of thinking about web systems? Nothing can go down, so we must build the ultimate cluster. The new way of thinking about third-party cloud services? Things go down, so we need to know how to deal with that. “I could say it’s a problem with serverless, but it’s a problem with any service...
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To integrate contributions in an automated way, the OPNFV project uses a variety of DevOps tools, hardware labs, and a sophisticated CI pipeline.

DevOps for NFV: OPNFV Infrastructure and Continuous Integration

In this article series, we have been discussing the Understanding OPNFV book. Previously, we provided an introduction to network functions virtualization (NFV), discussed the role of OPNFV in network transformation, and looked at how OPNFV integrates and enhances upstream projects. We continue our...
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Why Use Docker with R? A DevOps Perspective

There have been several blog posts going around about why one would use Docker with R. In this post I’ll try to add a DevOps point of view and explain how containerizing R is used in the context of the OpenCPU system for building and deploying R servers. Has anyone in the #rstats world written...
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OS Jobs Report
DevOps is one of the most highly sought skills employers are seeking to fill, according to the 2017 Open Source Jobs Report. Download the complete report to learn more.

DevOps Skills Are Key to Collaboration within Organizations

DevOps is one of the most highly sought skills employers are seeking to fill among 57 percent of respondents in the 2017 Open Source Jobs Report, from Dice and The Linux Foundation. Specifically, firms are looking for developers (73 percent) and DevOps engineers (60 percent). This comes as no...
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