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How to Continuously Involve Ops Stuff in the Agile Development Cycle (Part #2)

Let's look at the Agile development process - again focusing on Scrum from the Ops perspective. Let's review the places where we intervene: in which points in the process do we intervene? How do we help development? How do we help QA? And what about ourselves, Ops? How do we help ourselves? And...
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Canonical Log Lines

A lightweight and stack agnostic operational technique for easy visibility into production systems. Over the next few weeks I want to post a few articles about some of my favorite operational tricks that I’ve seen while working at Stripe. The first, and easily my favorite, is the canonical log line...
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Cloud Native: Service-driven Operations that Save Money, Increase IT Flexibility

I obsess about operations. I think it started when I was a department IT manager at a financial services institute. It was appallingly difficult to get changes deployed into production and the cost of change was spectacularly high. It felt like there had to be a better way, and most every decision...
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Keys to NFVI Components Selection

In this series on network functions virtualization (NFV), we’ve been spending time talking about some of the pitfalls and challenges involved in adopting NFVI components – and how to plan for deployment. This week we’re going to spend some time breaking down what to look for in moving to NFV ...
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Four Node.js Gotchas that Operations Teams Should Know about

This contributed piece is from a speaker at Node.js Interactive North America, an event offering an in-depth look at the future of Node.js from the developers who are driving the code forward, taking place in Austin, TX from Nov. 29 — Dec. 2. There is no doubt that Node.js is one of the fastest...
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Robert Shimp
Robert Shimp of Oracle paints a picture of a fascinating future full of specialized distributed services and devices, in his presentation at LinuxCon North America.

Microservices and Smart Networks Will Save the Internet

Imagine smart cars talking directly to each other so they don't crash. Imagine hooking your smart phone into a giant mesh of phone video streams at a stadium event, so you can watch your event from multiple perspectives. Imagine smart factory devices that manage themselves for better safety and...
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OpenStack cloud
This article compares the community contributions of four of the top open source automation tools used with OpenStack: Ansible, Chef, Juju Charms, and Puppet.

Managing OpenStack with Open Source Tools

To manage an OpenStack cloud infrastructure, you need to manage the configuration of the individual cloud services and the orchestration between them. Because OpenStack is an open source product, other open source tools are a popular choice to install, manage, and run an OpenStack cloud. There are...
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The World Runs on OpenStack

The OpenStack Summit keynotes got underway the morning of October 25, with Mark Collier, Chief Operating Officer of the OpenStack Foundation, declaring that the world runs on OpenStack. Collier's claims were not exactly bravado, as they were backed by a conga line of large operators all using...
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Open source business
Here is a brief overview of open source programs at companies that may surprise you.

Enterprise Open Source Programs Flourish -- In Tech and Elsewhere

If you cycled the clock back about 15 years and surveyed the prevailing beliefs about open source technology at the time, you would find nowhere near the volume of welcome for it that we see today. As a classic example, The Register reported all the way back in 2001 that former CEO of Microsoft...
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Package installation
Learn how to avoid common installation pitfalls under pressure.

5 Common Failures Of Package Installation

For DevOps, installation is one of the major tasks. People may think package installation is pretty straightforward and easy now: Just run commands like apt-get, yum, brew, etc. Or simply leave it to containers. Is it really that easy? Here is a list of headaches and hidden costs.  linux-package-...
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