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OPNFV Summit
OPNFV Summit will be held in Beijing June 12-15. Join us for four days of connecting global communities via tutorials, sessions, demos, and keynotes exploring ​the ​latest ​developments in open source Network Functions Virtualization.

Learn Next-Gen Networking Trends from these OPNFV Summit Keynotes

The countdown to this year’s OPNFV Summit is on! We’re headed to Beijing June 12-15 for four days of connecting global communities via tutorials, sessions, demos and keynotes targeted toward a diverse set of industry attendees. The largest gathering of OPNFV developers and community members from...
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OPNFV Project Scales Up Network Functions Virtualisation Ecosystem

The OPNFV Project,  the Linux Foundation’s open source network functions virtualistion (NFV) platform development organisation, has announced an expansion of its R&D capabilities and an internship programme to help further develop the worldwide NFV ecosystem. The organisation, which is...
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hackers wearing a suit and tie
It's a mistake to take the old "hacker-in-a-hoodie" stereotype and think it applies to the cyber crime and nation-state attacks we're facing today. Why don't we see pictures of hackers wearing a suit and tie? Or a uniform?

Real Hackers Don't Wear Hoodies (Cybercrime is Big Business)

Most people probably have an idea about what a hacker looks like. The image of someone sitting alone at a computer, with their face obscured by a hoodie, staring intently at lines of code in which their particular brand of crime or mischief is rooted, has become widely associated with hackers. You...
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