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Development Versions of Oracle Linux UEK now available on GitHub

The Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel (UEK) is a Linux kernel built by Oracle and supported via Oracle Linux support. Its focus is performance, stability, and minimal backports by tracking the mainline source code as closely as is practical. UEK is well-tested and used to run Oracle's Engineered...
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Oracle's contributions are focused in areas that help move container and Kubernetes workloads to production including the main project, security, testing, federation, conformance, and service catalog.

Flexibility, Choice, and Open Source Drive Oracle’s Cloud Focus

At the recent Open Source Summit in Los Angeles, Oracle made some major announcements, including joining the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), in an effort to help ease cloud native and container adoption for the enterprise. Additionally, the company has released Kubernetes on Oracle Linux...
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Oracle Builds a Blockchain Cloud Service Based on Hyperledger

At its Oracle OpenWorld conference this week in San Francisco, the company announced its new Blockchain Cloud Service. The distributed ledger cloud platform aims to help enterprises make various transactions more secure, using blockchain technology. The new service — which is fully managed by...
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​CNCF Adds Oracle, Onboards the Envoy and Jaeger Projects

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation continues to gain momentum, signing on as a sponsor one of the most venerable enterprise software companies, Oracle, and adding two more cloud-native projects to its portfolio, the Envoy service mesh and the Jaeger microservice debugging software. The CNCF...
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Linux Technology Event - Oracle

We understand the importance of Linux to your IT organization. Which is why Oracle is dedicated to developing technologies such as KSplice to automate your critical security patching and keep your servers compliant and secure. Join us for lunch while we host an interactive discussion exploring your...
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Oracle Debuts Three New Open-Source Container Tools

Oracle is expanding its container efforts with the official public debut of three new open-source utilities designed to help improve application container security and performance. The tools include the Smith secure container builder, Crashcart container debugging tool and the Railcar container...
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What Drives Linux Guru Wim Coekaerts? Have Fun, Build Things People Will Use

When Wim Coekaerts is solving problems and building things, he’s happy. When he’s not, he’s not. In his long career, he’s found joy working on early database appliances, and later guiding Oracle’s effort to make Linux, the open source operating system he’d played with since his school days in...
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Oracle Takes On Amazon in Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle barely shows up on the charts of biggest IaaS providers. The vendor is looking to change that. Larry Ellison, Oracle's founder and CTO, announced the new services from the opening keynote at Oracle OpenWorld, the company's big customer conference, which kicked off Sunday. Read more at Light...
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