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The 4 Quadrants of Open Source Entrepreneurship

The Key to a Flourishing Career in the 21st Century Some time ago, I noticed something missing in our discussions about open source software development. A few somethings, in fact. Nobody was talking about product management as it pertains to open source development. Admittedly, this was spurred...
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OSEN Podcast: Tim Mackey, Black Duck

I spoke with Tim Mackey, Technology Evangelist from Black Duck. Tim spent a few years at Citrix working on Xen Server and Cloudstack, where he, like me and many others, started thinking about how to get code from project to product. Tim and I talked about open source risk management, the current...
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Supply Chain Case Study: Canonical and Ubuntu

I love talking about supply chain management in an open source software context, especially as it applies to managing collaborative processes between upstream projects and their downstream products. In the article linked above, I called out a couple of examples of supply chain management: an...
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