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Why You’re Choosing a Multi-Platform Approach, According to Our Research

Developers and operators are using a combination of PaaS, containers, and serverless to build new cloud-native applications as well as refactor existing applications. They are also focused on integrating these new technologies with existing environments, while also looking for flexibility to adapt...
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Platform-as-a-Service: The Key to Running a Continuous Deployment Pipeline

“As developers, we want to be spending time creating and pushing features, we do not want to have to worry about platforms and talking to operations. [It’s all about] getting feedback and getting those features in the hands of users,” he said. “We want to deploy apps down a pipeline [and we] need...
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Navigating Cloud Foundry

This open source platform-as-a-service cloud platform bridges the gap between legacy applications and cloud services. For all the talk about the cloud, many applications continue to run on traditional servers. Hybrid architectures are sometimes the right option, but if you want to move corporate...
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Cloud Foundry Makes Its Mark on the Enterprise

Cloud Foundry falls under the “platform-as-a-service” (PaaS) umbrella, which essentially makes it the PaaS counterpart to OpenStack’s “infrastructure-as-a-service.” The promise of Cloud Foundry is that it abstracts all of the grunt work of running the infrastructure and more high-level services...
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Cloud Foundry Platform Offers Organizations Open Architecture PaaS

The Cloud Foundry platform as a service is a flexible, customizable development environment for enterprise-scale app projects. While Cloud Foundry is particularly suited for the creation and deployment of cloud-native apps using the languages of Ruby and Go, its fully-scalable nature and open...
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Of Pies and Platforms: Platform-as-a-Service vs. Containers-as-a-Service

I’m often asked about the difference between using a platform as a service (PaaS) vs. a containers-as-a-service (CaaS) approach to developing cloud applications. When does it makes sense to choose one or the other? One way to describe the difference and how it affects your development time and...
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IaaS and PaaS
The Guide to the Open Cloud 2016 includes a comprehensive look at the IaaS and PaaS solutions that you should know about. Here are links and descriptions for these projects, by category.

Guide to the Open Cloud: The State of IaaS and PaaS

The Linux Foundation recently announced the release of its 2016 report "Guide to the Open Cloud: Current Trends and Open Source Projects." This third annual report provides a comprehensive look at the state of open cloud computing. You can download the report now, and one of the first things to...
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SUSE Buys HPE’s OpenStack and Cloud Foundry Assets

Today, SUSE announced that it is acquiring OpenStack and Cloud Foundry (the Platform-as-a-Service to OpenStack’s Infrastructure-as-a-Service) assets and talent from the troubled HPE. This follows HPE’s decision to sell off (or “spin-merge” in HPE’s own language) its software business (including...
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Docker and Machine Learning Top the Tech Trends for ‘17

AR, microservices, and autonomous team structures tipped to surge in the coming year. With 2017 fast approaching, technology trends that will keep gathering steam in the new year range from augmented and virtual reality to machine intelligence, Docker, and microservices, according to technology...
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cloud projects
Read about current trends and open source projects in cloud computing in the third annual “Guide to the Open Cloud” report from The Linux Foundation.

The Linux Foundation Issues 2016 Guide to Open Source Cloud Projects

The Linux Foundation today released its third annual “Guide to the Open Cloud” report on current trends and open source projects in cloud computing. guide-open-cloud-2016-report.jpg Guide to the Open Cloud Report The Linux Foundation The report aggregates and analyzes industry...
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