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Krzysztof Czurylo talks about using the Valgrind framework to build a persistent memory error detector at LinuxCon Europe.

Using the Valgrind Framework to Build a Persistent Memory Error Detector

Persistent Memory was a hot topic at LinuxCon Europe with at least three talks from the team involved in developing the Non-Volatile Memory Library (NVML), including an overview of persistent memory in Linux and extending libstdc++ and libc++ for easier persistent memory programming. In the last...
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The Goal of HP's Radical The Machine: Reshaping Computing Around Memory

...HPE's goal with The Machine is to build a large pool of persistent memory that application processors can just access. "We want all the warm and hot data to reside in a very large in-memory domain," Wheeler said. "At the software level, we are trying to eliminate a lot of the shuffling of data...
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Maciej Maciejewski
Maciej Maciejewski talks about Persistent Memory Usage at LinuxCon Europe.

Persistent Memory Usage in Linux

In most cases, when a machine crashes or fails, we lose whatever we had loaded into memory, which for some applications can result in quite a bit of time and effort to recover when the system comes back online. At LinuxCon Europe, Maciej Maciejewski, Senior Software Engineer at Intel, talked about...
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