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Corey Quinn
"Git does let you do some extraordinarily powerful things. Powerful, of course, in this talk, is a polite euphemism for stupid," says Corey Quinn of FutureAdvisor at LinuxCon North America.

Terrible Ideas in Git

"Git does let you do some extraordinarily powerful things. Powerful, of course, in this talk, is a polite euphemism for stupid," says Corey Quinn of FutureAdvisor at LinuxCon North America. Who hasn't experienced at least one moment of feeling like a complete dunce when using Git? Sure, Git is...
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Intro to DevOps
Join us on January 31, 2017 for the next webinar in our "Introduction to DevOps" series with John Willis.

How to Make the Most of the Free Intro to DevOps Course on edX

John Willis -- a leader in the DevOps movement -- is hosting a series of webinars to accompany the free Introduction to DevOps: Transforming and Improving Operations training course from The Linux Foundation and edX. Last month, he provided a thorough introduction to the course and offered tips and...
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Report: Agile and DevOps Provide More Benefits Together Than Alone

DevOps and agile are two of the most popular ways businesses try to stay ahead of the market, but put them together and they provide even more benefits. A new report, Accelerating Velocity and Customer Value with Agile and DevOps, from CA Technologies revealed businesses experienced greater...
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DevOps Trends, Predictions and 2017 Resolutions

We’re counting the days till the end of 2016. As 2017 comes into focus, we find ourselves reflecting on the advancements made in the world of DevOps during this past year, the challenges still to overcome, and some of the trends that will shape the software delivery industry in the year(s) to come...
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Ilan Rabinovitch
Ilan Rabinovitch of Datadog shares tips for performing blameless post mortems in order to learn from mistakes, in his presentation at LinuxCon NA.

Converting Failure to Success Should Be Part of Your Core Process

My life is full of mistakes. They're like pebbles that make a good road. -- Beatrice Wood You know all the catchphrases and inspirational quotations about failure: fail fast, succeed quicker; fail forward; embrace failure; fail fast, fail often, fail everywhere. As creators of the bleeding edge of...
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Chen Goldberg
Chen Goldberg, Director of Engineering, Container Engine and Kubernetes at Google, explains the value of the Kubernetes community during her keynote at CloudNativeCon.

How the Kubernetes Community Drives The Project’s Success

Kubernetes is a hugely popular open source project, one that is in the top percentile on GitHub and that has spawned more than 3,000 other projects. And although the distributed application cluster technology is incredibly powerful in its own right, that’s not the sole reason for its success. “We...
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How to Continuously Involve Ops Stuff in the Agile Development Cycle (Part #2)

Let's look at the Agile development process - again focusing on Scrum from the Ops perspective. Let's review the places where we intervene: in which points in the process do we intervene? How do we help development? How do we help QA? And what about ourselves, Ops? How do we help ourselves? And...
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How to Build Powerful and Productive Online Communities

We have all witnessed the significant shifts in technology in recent years. An application economy has formed, microservices and the cloud allow us to build large-scale systems, and virtual reality, augmented reality, health monitoring, and others are changing how we live, work, and play. At the...
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9 Lessons From 25 Years of Linux Kernel Development

Because the Linux kernel community celebrated a quarter-century of development in 2016, many people have asked us the secret to the project's longevity and success. I usually laugh and joke that we really have no idea how we got here. The project has faced many disagreements and challenges along...
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How Getting Your Project in the CNCF Just Got Easier

Managing and making sense of these new, cloud-native architectures is something that the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) aims to help make easier for developers worldwide. On today’s episode of The New Stack Makers podcast, we talk with CNCF Executive Director Dan Kohn and CNCF Chief...
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