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Python client for Kubernetes
Sebastien Goasguen takes the new Python client for Kubernetes for a spin.

Enjoy Kubernetes with Python

Over the past few years it seems that every cool and trending project is using Golang, but I am a Python guy and I feel a bit left out! Kubernetes is no stranger to this, it is written in Go, and most clients that you will find are based on the Go client. Building a Kubernetes client has become...
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The Most Important Coding Languages for IoT Developers

We have seen a changing of the guard in the past few years as software takes center stage and once-beloved hardware simply becomes a canvas for developers. The ability to code is an important skill for the production of any modern technology, especially a product that falls within the internet of...
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Baidu Open-Sources Python-Driven Machine Learning Framework

Many of the latest machine learning and data science tools purport to be easy to work with compared to previous generations of such frameworks and libraries. Chinese search engine giant Baidu now has an open source project in the same vein: a machine learning system it claims is easier to train and...
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Code Optimization: If-Less Programming

I have often encountered code littered with lots of nested if and else statements. I consider it a serious code smell. Deeply nested code, especially if the nesting is due to conditionals, is very difficult to follow, wrap your head around and test. It even makes it difficult for the compiler or...
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Python Gains Functional Programming Syntax via Coconut

The new language compiles directly to standard Python, so apps don't need a new interpreter to run. Coconut, a newly developed open source dialect of Python, provides new syntax for using features found in functional languages like Haskell and Scala. Programs written in Coconut compile directly to...
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Paulus Schoutsen
Paulus Schoutsen speaks at OpenIoT Summit.

Home Assistant: The Python Approach to Home Automation [Video]

Several home automation platforms support Python as an extension, but if you’re a real Python fiend, you’ll probably want Home Assistant, which places the programming language front and center. Paulus Schoutsen created Home Assistant in 2013 “as a simple script to turn on the lights when the sun...
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Creating a Neural Network in Python

Neural Networks are very complicated programs accessible only to elite academics and geniuses, not something which an average developer would be able to work with, and definitely not anything I could hope to comprehend. Right? Well, no. After an enlightening talk by Louis Monier and Gerg Renard at...
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New Functional Programming Language Can Generate C, Python Code for Apps

The open source Futhark makes it easier to program for GPUs that speed up machine learning and other math-intensive apps. Researchers at the University of Copenhagen's Department of Computer Science recently unveiled Futhark, an open source functional programming language designed for creating code...
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